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About the Lady:

Danielle Malmgren is a Fashion Designer, Illustrator and trend forecaster living in Brooklyn New York.  She has been a leader in the Fashion Industry for over 7 years.

Danielle grew up in sunny California and received her BFA in Fashion Design from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.   

Her range of clients have included Vera Wang, Free People, Volcom, Nordstom, Macys, Target, and Elizabeth Arden

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About the blog:


The Lady D Chronicles is a food and fashion, illustration and design, lifestyle and libations website and fanzine.

I seek out adventures (and cocktails), expose new trends and check up on old ones. 



Why you should care:

- I am bored of reading the same blogs that are just a bunch of pretty pictures. Sure I've got pretty pictures, but lets dive a little deeper!
- I love fashion, but high fashion mags kinda piss me off. All the ads, fantasy clothes and stick figure girls give me a headache.
- I like to cook super healthy food…yet most of my food posts are about booze and sweet treats.
- My passion is for illustration and while I wish I could illustrate the world (and every part of the website), with a full time job I just run out of time.
- I live in NYC (Brownstone Brooklyn) and its not as indie and glamorous as everyone makes it out to be
- I'm a real girl on a real budget. I buy a lot of cheap junk, vintage and yearn for the goodwill days of times past.
- I find it inspiring to watch old sixties movies in bed on weeknights, drinking Manhattans. (You should try it…trust me on this one)
- I like dive bars, taco stands and underground shows on Wednesday nights, you don't have to deal with amateur hour.
- I like putting time and effort into my website, cause it reminds me of the zine I wrote in high school. So lets just call this an online zine.


Privacy Policy:

Thanks for stopping by!  We at Lady D write, edit and design this blog for the sole purpose     of getting inspired  and sharing personal work. If at anytime you see your work on here and   it is not properly recognized please send us a note and will update it lickity split! With that in mind all graphic elements and layouts up here were created specifically for The Lady D Chronicles and should be credited appropriately if reposted. Thanks!