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I love to know all about people favorite beauty products! Its always a good idea to compare notes and see what works and what doesn't/ Here are some of my favs and things to try for the new year!

1. Korres Milk Proteins make-up remover wipes- Love a good remover wipe! Quick, easy and good on the go. This one is lovely and fits into our milk maid theme...so couldn't resist.

2.Benetint-This is a great choice for lip and cheek stain. I feel like it really lasts and is a perfect red. Also a great size to throw in your purse.

3.Velcro Rollers-This is one thing I want to add into my routine...I use a curling iron now, but The BEAUTY DEPARTMENT girls recommended them here and here. Could be perfect to get massive volume or a vintage pin up look.

4.Hope in a Jar-People swear by this stuff. My mom and tons of my friends  are huge supporters. Will be on my list for new year purchases.

5.Dry Shampoo-I am on the hunt for an amazing dry shampoo. Klorane had gotten some very good reviews. Which ones are your favorite???

6. Fresh Milk Bath and Shower Cream-Fresh products are fantastic and this shower cream is pure luxury.

7. Murad Pure Skin Supplements- Let's be honest the key to gorgeous skin is really from the inside out. Taking supplements, getting lots of veggies and drinks loads of water is essential. Pop a few of these pills and they could be a step in the right direction.

8. Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems-I bought my Mia last year and I love it! It really makes my face feel clean and exfoliated. I would go for the full size Mias...I have been told the little ones aren't as powerful.

9.Mason Pearson Brush-This is the best brush out there...hands down.  Once you use it you will never go back to anything else and your hair will love you for it. Plus this pink color is soooo good.

10.Bad Gal Lashes-It is unanimous..this is the BEST mascara money can buy.  I always have this on hand, makes lashes look thinker, fuller and sexier.

11.Ole Henrikson-This has been my daily moisturizer for the last year and I love it. Does a great job of moisturizing and I love the super creme for the winter months. The smell is pretty and natural too.

12. Coceal FX-This is the best concealer I have ever bought. LOVE IT! It does a fantastic job of covering blemishes and dark circles. I just bought the foundation and I am happy with it too. Another foundation I have been hearing a lot of buzz about is the Smashbox foundation. 

13.Murad Clarifying Cleanser-I have tried everything for breakout prone skin and Murad cleanser is the best, my skin has completely trasnsformed.  This stuff is an essential! 

14. Tarte- This lip tint just replaced chap stick in my bag. THey have pretty red options and it is  SUPER hydrating. Another gorgeous red gloss is the Givenchy (it is pricey, but there red is a dream)

Reader Comments (2)

Absolutely love Hope in a Jar, the Tarte lip stains and bad gal lash...I use Hope every day!! Also, for dry shampoos, Lush just came out with one, and I love it! It's called No Drought and has this wonderfully fresh lemon scent.


December 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHope

Thanks Hope! I will be sure to pick up that dry shampoo, sounds amazing.

December 29, 2011 | Registered CommenterLady D

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