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Need a jolt?


 I really don't understand how some people don't drink coffee.  Sorry, but I don't.  How do you get through the day, be peppy in front of your demanding boss, not fall asleep on the train, or have the motivation to do ANYTHING? HOW???

Well if your like me and you want it iced, hot, light, dark, dripped or pressed here are a few of my all time favorite coffee spots in two fantastic west coast cities! 


Vivace-This is the best coffee I have had in my life.  THE BEST. I love it.  Every cup the barista pours is not only beautiful, but delicious.  Order a Cafe Nico...A thick foamy milk, espresso, cinnamon and orange zest.

Stumptown- It got it's start in Oregon, but for some reason I also associate it with Seattle cause I lived there. Stumptown is rich dense and chocolatey coffee.  It's an amazing everyday cup.

Victrola-great notable coffee and a great place in Seattle to spend a rainy afternoon.

Cafe Vita- Roasted on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Great to grab a bag of beans and brew in you home machine!

San Francisco

Four Barrel Coffee-I try to stop here every time I'm in town.  They have mastered the science of perfect drip Coffee and the amazing donuts they have from Dynamo don't hurt either.

Ritual Roasters- A San Francisco institution. Drank my first cup in 2000 in the Mission District. Love it.

Blue Bottle Coffee- I am relatively new on the Blue Bottle band wagon, but they are known for the freshest organic coffee out there

Pictures Listed from Right to Left: Stumptown Sign, Vivace Coffee, Victrola Sign, Vivace Cup, Four Barrel Sign, Black Ritual Cup, Blue Bottle Cup, Brown Four Barrel Cup, Ritual Coffee


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Yea..represent SF! :) Philz coffee is pretty amazing too. They have tons of different blends. They are rated one of the best.

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMallory

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