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Hot Rocks

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DAMMMMN these necklaces are nice, and unfortunately the prices tags are are pretty penny too.  A couple weeks ago I was on a wild hunt for a statement necklace like these.  I wanted the the kinda jewels you can  throw on with a t-shirt and ratty jeans and still look killer.  In my search, I was so frustrated at the high price tags and the lack or quality!!! I mean half my jewels get lost or fall apart, cause I wear them so much.  It doesn't really fit my life-style to be sportin' a chain that costs $3,000, cause ummm that's INSANE.

If you're like me and don't want to fork over that much dough, I would strongly suggest a little field trip to the local bead store and buying the materials to make one yourself. Surprisingly it's not that hard and really fun. For mine I used an old brooch I found at the flea market (I paid around $10).  For beads and supplies I went to the bead district in mid town NYC (6th avenue, from 34th st to 40th st). If you aren't in NY  there are lots of places to find good beads (and vintage ones) online...even try Etsy.  Good quality beads can be $15-20 a strand I used about 4 strands for my necklace.  I watched a quick tutorial on u tube (asked a friend for advice on tying off) and I was wearing the necklace the next night.  

cool DIY bead projects HEREHERE

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