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The Etsy Dilemma

Okay...can we pleasseee talk about Etsy for a sec?  It is such an amazing place to look for and sell vintage items (hell, I have sold vintage forsaken items on there) and a good venue to sell your wears as a designer and crafter. In theory Etsy should be great right? A bunch of quirky crafters, talented designers, stay at home moms, dumpster divers, couture fashion designers and vintage treasure hunters all under one roof? Pure bliss!!! Ummm not really. My problem is that I can never find a goddamn thing on that site.  It is cluttered with so many amateurs; I have to spend hours finding anything of value.  I want beautiful handmade goods, exquisite vintage and well thought out crafts, I am the ultimate Etsy customer, BUT I get so tired and fed up I go elsewhere.

 Long story short, I still love Etsy and I do still find good stuff there...through blogs and a maze of people recommending me to individual sites. They’re amazing and beautiful things to be found AND in concept the site is a beautiful idea. I probably should just deal and embrace that it is what it is. Thanks for being what you are Etsy....I guess we will love you for the good times and the bad. I just don't have time after a 12 hour work day to sift through the crap. xoxo

PS. The photos above are from in Keeratika Munmongkal in Thailand. Gorgeous stuff on Etsy that I found through a blog and another website..Ha ha. Love it.

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