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Brunch done badly

Okay so you may have noticed my brunch posts have become a little more few and far between recently, well there is a reason for that. When I go out brunching it's usually to the same spots, because I know what I'm getting into. I want to leave feeling pleasantly full and in overall good spirits. Lately, I have been extremely underwhelmed with new brunch spots and over all it has come to my attention that some really shady shit is passing for brunch lately... Let me elaborate.

image found at Sweet Paul Blog

-Rip Off Cocktails Okay people...now I know that we all love to pay $10-15 for fancy cocktails here in New York City, but come on sometimes it's just not worth it.  My bloody mary should be DAMN good if it's $10 and up. PLEASE do not dilute it with tomato juice or overpower it with horseradish.  Oh...and a mimosa should really never be over $6 unless you are using some knock my socks off champagne or I'm getting a pint of it. 

-Sub par egg dishes  Let's put the love back into the egg dishes! I can not tell you how many times I have had an omelette with a scant bit of chives and a tiny bit of "seasonal, heirloom, artisanal veggies" and I said "umm are you kidding!!". I know we can do better. 

-Grease bombs  Just because something is a southern infusion of  bacon, butter and gravy does not make it good. Lets get creative instead of fattening and greasy.  Give me some options besides granola and yogurt that aren't going to make me need a wheelbarrel to get out of your restaurtant. Yuck

-No brunch menu   Having a "brunch menu" that is really your lunch menu with one stupid frittatta on it is NOT A BRUNCH menu. Come on this is elementary. Don't serve brunch if you don't have time to develop food for it. I will hold off and visit you another time. It's ok not everyone does brunch and maybe you should sit this one out.


Lady D

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