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Wanting what you can't have

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren

So as Kenny and I were sitting in our new sweet apartment (trying to catch a moment of calm after a crazy few weeks) we caught a glimpse into our neighbors window and saw their little dog scampering about. WHAT!! Why are they allowed to have a dog and we aren't!?? It just doesn't seem fair. Shouldn't we be able to have a sweet furry friend to live with too!!! Now of course I want a dog more then ever, because I can't have one. Oh well, this gorgeous spread of Karen Elson and her pretty collie will keep me happy for the moment.

Oh and just so you know...we weren't spying on our neighbors. Their curtains were open and we look down directly into their apartment, so this peeking was completely justified.  Just saying.

Here is the rest of the gorgeous shoot.


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