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Whenever I watch that show Hoarders I think to myself..."Gosh I am so glad I am not like that".  When my closet gets too big I donate, when my house is too cluttered I post things on Craigslist and when I feel like I just have too much "stuff" I start throwing out things like a crazy lady.  Yesterday I was minding my own business online when The Vintage Optical Shop attacked me on Etsy. Honestly, if I ever was going to make the life commitment to be a hoarder...I would choose to covet these. I want every color...I want a pair for everyday.....I want to hide them away in every drawer of my house just so I know they are there and feel comfort in that.  HA!!!  

Seriously though folks this is a really great shop for vintage eyewear and I am in desperate need for some new frames.  I just wish I knew what size I needed in eyeglasses so I could buy one for real!

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