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Room by Room-Part One

Bookcase, Ruler, globe, paper tray, light, red stapler, desk, zigzag rug, filing case, red chair, navy wall

I have officially taken on the gigantic undertaking of decorating our new apartment. Now many of you know I've done this before with old apartments...I am NEVER shy when it comes to painting a wall, stripping cabinets (more on that later) or ripping up a floor. I can't help but jump at the chance to make a space very personal.  This apartment is extra special, because I am sharing it with my boyfriend Kenny. I really want it to reflect both our styles, which has proven to be the biggest challenge of all. While I go towards softer colors (with a few brights) and the feminine shapes of old Hollywood or the 1950-60's, Kenny likes bold reds, blue and woods with strong shapes from the 1930-40's. We both moved in with quite a bit of furniture and even more opinions, but taking it slowly and compromising has kept us sane. I constantly have to remind myself this is OUR apartment and what will really make it interesting is the combo of our two styles.

The office is the center of our home (we really spend the most time here) so I want to get it just right. We knew we wanted a clean looking office with touches of steel and pops of red.

The desk-I have wanted a tanker desk for YEARS and a few times I have been really close to buying one. Although, these desks weigh a ton and really aren't practical for our situation (we don't own this place so we probably will move a few more times). I also wanted something a little more open and airy feeling (a lot of our furniture is big and "heavy looking").  So I thought two stainless steel tables with a matching filing cabinet could be perfect. The cost of these in NYC is horrifying (think a thousand and up), so really our only option is to look outside of city limits. We went here last weekend and found an option, but right now we have our heart set on two matching tables from Seattle. 

The rug-I have gone through so much DRAMA with rugs. I ordered this rug from overstock that I was obsessed with and when it came...it was half the size I ordered AND the size I did want was sold out. Their customer service was not at all accommodating (actually they were HORRIBLE...but I will spare you).  Overall just a bunch of jerks. Anyway I'm kind of over even considering spending 500+ on a rug, so when I saw this at Urban, I thought it was a pretty sweet deal. Hopefully it works.

The Chair- I found a chair kinda like this at Repop vintage in Brooklyn and it really inspired the whole room for me. I love the mod feel of it and the shade of cherry bomb red is perfect, not to mention it is  super comfy which is hard to find.

The Bookcase-My go to place for bookcases is honestly Ikea.  I know the quality isn't perfect, but these were such a good price I couldn't pass them up (and I needed two for our library of art books, so low cost was key).

The Accesories-Etsy is a gold mine for cute cheap vintage office accessories. Most of these were under $20. I mean who can resist a red Swingline staper...that has Office Space written all over it, come on!!!

Wall color-I have always wanted to go dark on one room in my home. This and this have really inspired me to take the plunge on a rich navy wall with white molding. I haven't  decided for sure, but so tempting. That striped wallpaper under the chair rail just kills me!

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What a great post D! Next time I am in the city I will have to make my way out to Queens!!

July 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKhristian A. Howell

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