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Weekend in Montauk, New York

Photo from Rushmeyers

Being a New Yorker for almost four years now (gasp!!!), I thought it was high time I ventured out to the Hamptons and travel to Long Island's most eastern point, beautiful Montauk. Here are some hits and misses from my weekend visit.

Ruschmeyers Hotel- Ready for some rum cocktails, hammock nap time and campy fun? This 1952 camp site, now hipster playground, is one big ode to Wes Anderson (almost to the point of nauseating). Bring along all your nautical vintage garb and you will fit right in. The weekends here are a big party, while the weekdays offer more of a mellow family atmosphere.  Come for the cute swings on the lawn, ping pong rum bar, and thoughtful decor. Also take note of the free continental breakfast in the morning showcasing their speciality avocado toast. Don't be surprised if you are awakened early during your stay here, like most camps from our childhood the walls here are paper thin and you may just make fast friend with your neighbors.

Navy Beach-This bay beach is in walking distance of Rushmeyers and is very pleasant. Most beaches in the area are packed with tourists, but Navy Beach is more of a local hangout. Go for the calm waters and quiet surroundings. Pass if you don't like rocky beaches and you are into surfing.

Ditch Plains Beach- This is the real deal. Lots of surfers and lots of waves. This beach can get crowded, but the week days are more tolerable. Go for wave jumping and a walk on the bluffs at sunset.

Top photos taken by Danielle Malmgren, Bttm photo Rushmeyers

 South Edison Restaurant-Most places to eat in Montauk are on the pricey side. South Edison seems to be somewhere in the middle of the dives and the high end.  We sat outside in the cool ocean air and made a meal out of first course bites. Come here for fresh seafood (fluke sashimi), pickled martinis and yummy small plates. Also take note of their famous bloody mary (it comes topped with a crab claw), which I sadly didn't try.

 Chowder House-this place is a dive, but perfect if you looking for mellow place to grab lunch and not break the bank. Sit by the harbor and plan your next shark boat tour.  We enjoyed some wonderful fish lunch specials and a few beers. Go for the Tuna Tidbits lunch special and the local bass sashimi. 

Clam Bar at Napeague- Before you even reach Montauk, this clam bar will greet you on the side of the road with open arms. This could be the only place you will spy a lobster roll anywhere near the Hamptons for under $20, so take advantage of it. Grab a spot at the bar to chat with locals and feast on fresh raw clams or a local swordfish sandwich.

Top photos taken by Danielle Malmgrn, Bttm photo Urban Spoon

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