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Film, Food & Fashion- 200 Cigarettes

(TOP)Black Dress,   Egg nog, Black Purse, Black Heels, Green Dress, New Years Tiara, Teal Sash, Pink Dress, Pink Heels, Crab Dip (BOTTOM) Red Gloves, Leopard Coat, black clutch, Manhattan, Black Mary Jane, Pancakes, Red Dress

 Every New Years I try to get in one viewing of 200 Cigarettes.  It's a movie  that brings back memories of 1999, the year it came out and the year I graduated high school.  I had no clue what New York City was like and I wanted to visit so BADDD. Now I laugh that I'm really here and it's nothing like I expected.

200 Cigarettes is a series of stories about several New Yorkers that brave through the evening with a variety of different troubles (kinda like "New Years's Eve" which came out this year...but I happen to think this is much better).  The movie is filled with TONS of ugly/gorgeous dresses, awesome 80's hair, lots of egg nog and even MORE crab dip.  Trust me it's worth watching just to see a young Casey Affleck play a cute little punk rocker.  Yep like I said...brings back memories.


On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

1. Mint Julep and Suit 2.Lavendar cocktail and cap 3.Fushia Suit 4.Hat 5.Purple sandals 6.pina colada suit 7.sunglasses 8.Benefit Hoola   Swan Planter

Thinking maybe a winter time vacation? Remember to always match your cocktail to your swim suit!


On the six day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

1.Robe 2.Thermal 3.Lula Magazine 4.Short bird robe 5.Black Chemise 6. Fine & Fine Chocolate 7.Irish Coffee 8.Pink Chemise 9.Pom Pom Heels

Does anyone really relax around their house like this?  The six geese a layin' do AND  I am going to start! I have worked so hard this month...I think I deserve an Irish Coffee and a new copy of Lula Magazine to curl up with. I don't even want to talk about my "loungewear". Yes those bagged out yoga pants need to go! 



Courtney Love is...

I ran across this article at xojane  and I just couldn't help but take a peek. In my youth I was a huge fan of Courtney Loves and to this day I still gravity to the dresses in my closet that were inspired by her. Sure she is controversial, unpredictable, and sometimes out of control, but I honestly always loved that about her. Her sense of style is like none other and her West Village Townhouse reflects her love of antiques and feminine detail beautifully. My favorite part is the sweet little cakes next to the Marlboro cigarettes on her desk, need I say more?


On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

1.ruby ring 2.Crystal Ring 3.Stacked Ring 4.Diamond Ring 5.Black Ring

I am not a huge wearer of rings, but I am really hoping to change that in the new year.  Maybe an admirer will get me anyone of these gorgeous gems!


Because any month with the Letter "R" is...

image found here

I LOVE oysters and usually have them all year round.  Although, I have been told  that the best times to eat oyster are in the months with a letter "R". So I did a little research and found out more...

This belief was started in the 1900's when there was no refrigeration, so oysters had to be eaten when they were freshest. Also this may have come about because the warm months are when oysters mate. The oysters are not as plump and become soft, unlike in the colder months when their meat is firmer and has more flavor.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and grab a couple dozen! I especially enjoy them with a dirty martini or bloody Mary!

Here is a list of some of my favorite spots for the oyster enthusiast.


On the fourth day of Christmas....

1.Hat 2.nuts 3.The Birds 4.Feather paperweight 5.Dress 6.Rye 7.Feather Shoe 8.Evening Coat 9.Bird Calling Card 10.Feather Lashes

Oh those damn birds!!! They just keep reappearing in this song, but not to worry.  When the birds or any holiday guests come a callin' you NEED to be ready for them. I suggest dressing up in your finest of feather garb (hat, shoes, dress and eyelashes), having some tasty Hors d'Oeuvres and a pot of hot spiced cider to keep everyone toasty warm. Then when the party dies down watch one of my favorite classics...."The Birds" will love it.