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On the Third Day of Christmas...

1.Sunglasses 2.Parisian Chic Book 3.Louboutin heels 4.Tea 5.Shirt 6.Croissant 7.Champagne and a French 75 8.Macarons 9.Egg Cup

I know..I know...It isn't the weekend, but this whole French hen thing really got me thinking about brunch.  If you can't go to Paris for the holiday, why not have the city of lights come to you with a spectacular brunch of French 75s, croissants and piles of Macarons? Délicieux!


Pretty in Pink

I am in the mood for something sweet and refreshing. I think this pomegranate frozen yogurt would do the trick... too bad I don't have a ice cream machine (don't even ask me where I would store one if I DID) Good thing there are tons of other delicious pomegranate recipes to try!


On the second day of christmas everything is as...

1.Hat 2.bag 3.Diamond  4.Sunglasses 5.sweater 6.dress 7.skirt 8.vodka and White Russian 9.necklace

If ever there was a day to look glorious in white, the second day of Christmas would be it! Don't wait till there is snow on the ground...look as white as a turtle dove with all of these picks!  I may have to treat myself to the tasty looking white russian later. YUM.


A Hot Toddy Holiday

I tend to plan all my holiday festivities around devouring hot toddies. So I thought these golden rod heels would be a perfect holiday shoe to compliment my beverage of choice. Cheers


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

1.Miu Miu Shoes, 2.Birdcage lamp 3.Bird Dress 4.Pear cocktail 5.Pear Liqueur 6.Bird Cape 7.Pear Pin 8.Dress

Welcome to the first day of Christmas!  Tonight would probably be a good night for a pear, walnut, gorgonzola salad to celebrate!  This one looks good



Feel like...

Sometimes I just can't get into Christmas. The stress of finding everyone the perfect gift, scheduling travel arrangements and finding the perfect party dress is sometimes overwhelming.  This year I have really taken a step back and decided to go super simple for the holidays.  I am however, VERY excited to trim the tree! Kenny came home with boxes of his grandparents' vintage Christmas ornaments last night and I am dying to hang them!! I am so glad Kenny has been storing them for years in his tiny apartment.


Film, Food and Fashion- The Graduate

Hat, sunglasses, skirt, bra, tray of drinks, blouse, earrings, shoe, purse, coat

It might be the excess of faux leopard, or the constant flow of bourbon, or possibly the timelessly haunting sounds of Simon and Garfunkel.  Whatever it is...The Graduate is one of the greatest movies of all time. If you haven't seen it you really should stop whatever you are doing right now and experience it. Mrs. Robinson, the legendary seductress, has a wardrobe of mostly animal prints and keeps on a steady diet of martinis...no wonder she is cranky when she doesn't get her way. Here's to you Mrs. Robinson.