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Color of the season

Blouse, Ring, Jewel bag, bracelet , gloves, glasses, dress, cape and skirt, necklace

Green is one of my all time FAVORITE colors. I used to have this vintage kelly green dress in high school that I was obsessed over. I wore it everywhere. I wore it one night to the Roxy in Hollywood for a show and some dumb guy stopped me on the street and said, "That is the ugliest dress I have ever seen." I replied with a sarcastic thank you, laughed and then socked him in the face (not really..but that is how the story should go).  I never said green was for everyone, but you should really give it a chance and don't be a jerk about it OKAY...or you deserve a sock in the face.

 Here are some of my vintage and new picks for the perfect color of the holiday season.


Berry good

Image found HERE

This blackberry sage cooler looks unbelievable and is a perfect solution for all those left over berries. Love the deep purple color too.


Featured at Saturate!

I was so excited and flattered to be featured on Khristian Howell's beautiful blog Saturate last friday!  Khristian has been HUGE inspiration and dear friend to me for several years. I recently just finished her new e-book OBSESSED and it is a MUST read for any independent artist building their own brand and business.  It will make you want to hit the ground running and never look back!!! Check out all of Khristian's art, products and other e-books on her website


Start your day off right

I really try to eat breakfast every morning. It just makes me feel healthier and more energized for the rest of the day.  Oh and I always say "if you're going to eat a big heavy sinful meal do it for breakfast, because you have all day to burn it off".  Right?! I typically have Greek yogurt with a piece of fruit and granola or an egg avocado sandwich.  For leisure mornings it is all about the huevos rancheros,  asparagus parmesan frittata or (like this morning) a piece of peach cobbler with coffee.   Although, my breakfasts are not half as beautiful as these photos from Simply Breakfast. So inspiring and her calendar looks great too.


Tea Time


After years of drinking coffee, recently it hasn't been working so hot for me.  To be honest, it kinda makes me CRAZY (like running around the house with a mild panic attack...not knowing what to do first and attempting to do everything kind of crazy). To switch it up, I have been drinking Mariage Frères tea from Paris.  This tea is OUT OF CONTROL!!!  First of all the smell is amazing, second the taste is so rich and complex, third the caffeine is fairly mild so I'm energized without going insane.  I never dreamed tea could be this good.  I splurged on a box of the Marco Polo at Dean and Deluca and I am officially hooked. Try making iced tea out of it in the warmer months...so delicious!!  

Also if you live in NYC and want to just get a taste (without committing to a whole box), head over to Macaron Cafe in mid town and grab a cup.


Sketch Break

I am in desperate need of a new winter coat. Okay fine, that is a total lie. I actually have lots of coats and  I would just like to get a new one for winter! Don't you?  I love what I am seeing over at J Crew. They are everything a good coat should be gorgeous, effortless, and classic.

Sketch by Danielle Malmgren


When you are young...

I remember it like it was yesterday...my best friend Amanda dying my hair bright red on my sixteenth birthday, our plans to go to third street promanade the next day to buy our favorite punk albums, and me trying to get out of the house in a black lacey slip and knee high docs without my mom noticing (she always noticed).  

I ended up addicted to dying my hair and still, fifteen year later, I dye my hair red (or brown or black depending on my mood).  I guess I just always felt like the dark hair suited me. I never really liked being a blonde "California Girl, which probably explains why I ended up in New York....go figure!  I saw this pic and it reminded me of my youth  Those cat eye glasses, that sky blue prom dress and the thought that maybe......just maybe....pink (or in my case red) is just a REALLY good idea.

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren