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Colorful stuff


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I am a huge collector of all kinds of things!!  Pyrex, Cocktail glasses, vintage dresses, model sailboats, whatever it is, I probably want more of it!  Sometimes the collections get so out of control... they kind of look like this (just not as color coordinated).  Ummm maybe it's time to have a yard sale or a stoop sale, as us new yorkers like to call them.


Big top babes

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Some days it just sounds fun to drop everything and join the circus.  These lovely ladies are making that idea sound real good right about now. I secretly wish I had that top left one to sport with my bathing cap at the pool.  It really would be perfect for the synchronized swim routine I have been working on (a la Miss Piggy in the muppet caper). 


The Happiest of hours

Cherry Gina & TonicKiwi Capiroska, Grown-up Pink Lemonade

Ummm could we please all go over to the website Spoon, Fork, Bacon today?? I can't stop looking at it this morning!  The photography, design and overall aesthetic makes me giddy and inspired to make my blog a thing of beauty! These girls not only have the foodie thing going on, but know how to make a MEAN COCKTAIL. Cheers to making happy hour the HAPPIEST of hours.


Healthy Fare

After a crazy week of traveling, weddings and birthdays, it's time to buckle down and devour some healthy and tasty meals!  I am in love with the website Green Kitchen Stories, based out of Stockholm, Sweden.  The food photography is gorgeous and the recipes are not only creative, but delicious! Last week I made the Mango and Mint Zucchini Pasta (top picture) and gobbled it up in 2 seconds flat (yes...it's THAT good). It's amazing how combing the mango, mint, olive oil and chili results in such a sinfully creamy sauce. I love it when a food website reminds me how fun it is to cook!


Twin Peaks Love

I am a HUGE Twin Peaks fan. So when I found this guest post over on Etsy,  I had a little freak out.  It kinda' makes me want to watch the entire series over again from start to finish.  Is it possible to have a crush on both Agent Cooper and Audrey?? I think so.


A tight spot

I am getting very excited about fall dressing, mainly because I can bust out my huge hosiery collection. Nothing beats throwing on a crazy color or patterned tight to jazz up an outfit.  Right???  My friend Kam has an amazing collection of leg wear photos on her pinterest, she also heads this great Seattle based blog.  Check it out and get inspired!

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Behind the Bar-End of Summer Lemonade

Gosh I LOVE heirloom tomatoes....can't get enough.   I always try to make a million things with them while they're at the farmers markets. Needless to say, I'm gettin' a little panicked that tomato season is drawing to a close. So before they are gone forever, let's celebrate these babies with a BANG and make the "End of Summer Lemonade"!! Trust me people, tomatoes in lemonade equals good times (the whiskey doesn't hurt either).

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

2 pounds tomatoes, use yellow or orange cored and chopped

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

3 cups ice water

1 shot of whiskey (per drink...or more! No judging here.)

lemon for garnish 

1. In a small sauce pan combine sugar and water, bring to a simmer over medium heat (basically you are making simple syrup). Let cool

2. In a food processor puree tomatoes then strain through sieve and discard solids. Add the simple syrup , lemon juice and ice water. Stir

3. Fill up a tall glass with ice and pour liquid. Add the shot of whiskey. Stir. Garnish that bad boy up with a lemon or tomato wedge!

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