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Flower power

I feel like living in a flower garden with this Blugirl dress and devouring this flower pound cake.


The responsibilities of an artist

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I see it time and time again, at almost every job I've had..... talented artists/designers that don't know how to price their work and gauge self value.

The issue of pricing work and agreeing on salary can be a sticky one. Many will say..."Oh, I'm no good at negotiating" or "Gosh, It's my first job and shouldn't I be making shit money?" or "Golly gee wiz, I just feel so darn lucky to have a COOL job in the arts and I'll  take whatever they give me" BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Let me be blunt and say you are screwing the rest of us for doing too much awesome beautiful work, for too little pay.  You as an artist have a responsibility to assess your value.  Your talent has a price on it and you really should get serious about deciding what your price tag is.

I honestly can't even tell you how many times the night before an interview or a big freelance job,  I have been sprawled out on the living floor with calculators, bills, wipe boards and pie charts trying to figure out how much I need to or should be making in my career. I will place calls to parents for moral support, friends or old colleagues for real advice and spend HOURS online researching what people make in my field.  I'm not going to lie...figuring out your worth is tough, not to mention the negotiating after you have put a dollar sign on it.

So what is the bottom line?  You need confidence and a plan. Here are just a few general tips that have helped me through it all...

-Know exactly what you are asking for before you walk into an interview or meeting. Have several back up scenarios and know how low in pay you can really go AND still feel good about taking the job.

-Do your homework. Talk to friends in your field and colleagues you trust.  Be open with them on what you plan on pricing yourself at. It also doesn't hurt to go on interviews or bid for jobs you don't necessary want. You could get an insider look at a companies pricing scale by doing this.

-Be confident and aim realistically high!!! You want this to be a negotiation.  Trust me,  if you're too high they are NOT going to say "get the hell out of my office!!"... So try to relax.  They will however  tell you that your pricing is way off.  It's up to you to choose to bargain further or decide if this really is the right place/job for you at all. Be honest with yourself and learn from every interview you go on. Don't ask for something insane, but don't be desperate either.

-In a full time job it is never too late. If you took a job and later realize you were off on your pricing, it may be time for a meeting on a pay reassessment or possibly a new job search. Don't feel trapped, they hired you and probably trained you as well, it would not be cost effective for them to let you go without more negotiating. 

-READ THIS ARTICLE.  Jessica Hische does an amazing break down of real rates (mostly for freelancers) and the details of licensing. She also encourages no one to work or do interns for free, which I strongly agree with.

-Also if you are freelance don't forget to consult The GAG’s Ethical Guide for Pricing.

Good luck!


Film, Food & Fashion-The Royal Tenenbaums

Faux Fur CoatPolo DressSkinny Tie1960's Mens BlazerDoorman HatBlack EyelinerPink GlovesHermes BagPenny Loafers

 The costumes and set designs of The Royal Tenenbaums are like a quirky modern fairytale. I love Margo Tenenbaum's unexpectedly chic wardrobe of all polo-shirt dresses, Berkin bags and penny loafers. Sometimes I wish I had a signature outfit, don't you?  If I watch this film with a sugar craving, forget about it!  I start itching to go out for a butterscotch sundae, when I see Margo meet her estranged doorman father at the whimsically gold gilded ice cream parlor.  Everything about this movie is a visual masterpiece.


Sugar Color

Cake Macaroons Gummi

When in doubt.... look to food for a jump start on crazy color inspiration.


Dynamo Donuts-San Francisco

During my short stay in San Francisco to visit my sister, she insisted we make a stop at Dynamo Donuts.  Let me just say... these babies are what donut dreams are made of!!  With flavor combos like Chocolate Chip Passion fruit,  Rosemary Cherry and Bacon Maple Apple, it is hard to stop at just one.  I confess, some of these came with me on the plane ride home.

Dynamo Donuts-2760 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110   (415) 920-1978 

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A much needed VK

Sooo it's been real quiet around here lately!!! Would you believe I haven't looked at my computer in about 4 days (trust me the two of us REALLY needed some space from each other)?.  I was on vacation in Northern California for a wedding and much needed R 'n' R.  Hope you didn't miss me too much. In the next few days I will be doing some Big Sur and San Francisco posts...so get excited!!!


Breakfast in Stockholm


I never really used to be a huge cinnamon bun fan.  Maybe it's all those years of smelling Cinnabon in a mall setting or the tube of Pillsbury buns that just kind of turned me off.  I really don't crave them, but last October everything changed.

During a trip to Sweden, my boyfriend and I stayed at a lovely girls apartment in Malmo (which we amazingly found on Air BnB).  She was kind enough to let us use her internet and told us the password was “kanelbulle” (Swedish for Cinnamon Bun) and sweetly mapped out for us every single bakery in a 5mile radius.  Ummmm strange I thought…why is this girl obsessed cinnamon buns.  I soon would find out the Swedes are good at many things design, fashion, smoked fish and most importantly cinnamon buns.

One of the best cafes to get one of these beauties is the Café Saturnus in Stockholm (Ostermalm neighborhood). This chic bakery shop serves some of the biggest and (more importantly) finest buns in Sweden. The flaky buttery pastry, perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon and a crunchy raw sugar topping really makes it leagues above the rest. Cafe Saturnus is simply just a perfect spot to feast on a beautiful baguette sandwich, sip a velvety cafe latte and close the deal with the amazing cinnamon bun sweet treat.

Cafe Saturnus  Eriksbergsgatan 6, Stockholm Sweden