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Spring 2012-Anna Sui

Anna Sui is always a favorite of mine. Her sense of color, print and vintage style are spot on for me. This season did not disappoint!! The collection was based on Club Sept, the creative melting pot and place to be for seventies Paris fashion; in particular she focused on illustrator Antonio Lopez's impact on the scene.  

I'm in love with the unique prints, bold colors and feminine silks used to tie it all together.  The forties silhouette was key to the show. Think black tulle kimonos, silk shorts, sailor rompers, butterfly winged sheer silk dresses and sweet heart necklines. In true Anna fashion she adds a little disco fever (frizzy hair, flared trouser, and turbans) to make the show POP. 



Laduree (Upper West Side, NY and Paris) 

These French pastries from Laduree are so exquisite. Maybe I'm crazy, but I would love to design a flowing chiffon dress collection based on these tasty gems. I wish I could fly to Paris just to have a bite...BUT maybe I don't have too.  They just opened a new location right here in New York that sells their macaroon, chocolates and candies. Wouldn't that make a beautiful present for a mom, lover or friend?? They even can wrap them up for you in gorgeous boxes. Bon appétit.

Laduree 864 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021  AND 18 rue Royale 75008 Paris 


The Etsy Dilemma

Okay...can we pleasseee talk about Etsy for a sec?  It is such an amazing place to look for and sell vintage items (hell, I have sold vintage forsaken items on there) and a good venue to sell your wears as a designer and crafter. In theory Etsy should be great right? A bunch of quirky crafters, talented designers, stay at home moms, dumpster divers, couture fashion designers and vintage treasure hunters all under one roof? Pure bliss!!! Ummm not really. My problem is that I can never find a goddamn thing on that site.  It is cluttered with so many amateurs; I have to spend hours finding anything of value.  I want beautiful handmade goods, exquisite vintage and well thought out crafts, I am the ultimate Etsy customer, BUT I get so tired and fed up I go elsewhere.

 Long story short, I still love Etsy and I do still find good stuff there...through blogs and a maze of people recommending me to individual sites. They’re amazing and beautiful things to be found AND in concept the site is a beautiful idea. I probably should just deal and embrace that it is what it is. Thanks for being what you are Etsy....I guess we will love you for the good times and the bad. I just don't have time after a 12 hour work day to sift through the crap. xoxo

PS. The photos above are from in Keeratika Munmongkal in Thailand. Gorgeous stuff on Etsy that I found through a blog and another website..Ha ha. Love it.


Clover Club (Cobble Hill-Brooklyn)

all photos by Danielle Malmgren

 A post on Clover Club is really long over due.  That is simply because it is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE places to eat brunch in Brooklyn. I find that many of these "old timey" bars really come up short in the food department...I mean a cute atmosphere can only go so far..ya know??  Here at Clover Club the food and cocktails go seamlessly with the beautiful speakeasy ambience.  I strongly suggest ordering the Bar Man's Bloody Mary, made with fresh basil, fernet and bourbon.  This beauty of a bloody has a much-coveted spot on my top Bloody Marys of New York (the full list will be coming soon...so keep your eyes peeled).  For eats the egg sandwich is a stand out. Two perfect fried eggs are topped with cheddar, red onion, bib lettuce and pepper bacon all between toasted sourdough slathered with aioli. The baked eggs with manchego and chorizo also hit the spot (not to mention the tomato sauce is the perfect for toast point dipping).  So if you were waiting for yet another reason to get your lazy bum out of bed and go to brunch... Clover Club would be it.

Clover Club210 Smith St.BrooklynNY 11201 nr. Butler St. 


Hot Rocks

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DAMMMMN these necklaces are nice, and unfortunately the prices tags are are pretty penny too.  A couple weeks ago I was on a wild hunt for a statement necklace like these.  I wanted the the kinda jewels you can  throw on with a t-shirt and ratty jeans and still look killer.  In my search, I was so frustrated at the high price tags and the lack or quality!!! I mean half my jewels get lost or fall apart, cause I wear them so much.  It doesn't really fit my life-style to be sportin' a chain that costs $3,000, cause ummm that's INSANE.

If you're like me and don't want to fork over that much dough, I would strongly suggest a little field trip to the local bead store and buying the materials to make one yourself. Surprisingly it's not that hard and really fun. For mine I used an old brooch I found at the flea market (I paid around $10).  For beads and supplies I went to the bead district in mid town NYC (6th avenue, from 34th st to 40th st). If you aren't in NY  there are lots of places to find good beads (and vintage ones) online...even try Etsy.  Good quality beads can be $15-20 a strand I used about 4 strands for my necklace.  I watched a quick tutorial on u tube (asked a friend for advice on tying off) and I was wearing the necklace the next night.  

cool DIY bead projects HEREHERE


NY Fashion's Night Out

Hey all...If you're doing NY Fashion's Night Out tomorrow pop into the Elizabeth Arden Red Door flagship store for some for fancy cocktails done up right by Dutch Kills.  Don't forget to take a limited addition drink menu printed by Giant Squid Press and illustrated by yours truly!! 

Elizabeth ArdenElizabeth Arden 691 Fifth Avenue at 54th street New York NY 10021


Valley of the Dolls- Film, Food & Fashion

Pill JarsDaisy Shirt, Lip stickValley Book/movieGlassesShoesPink Dress, Bag

This is the kinda girly, trashy, guilty pleasure of a movie I can really get behind. I confess I have read the book (okay fine... I've read it twice) and I loved it. It's a pill popping, cat fighting, wig throwing whirl of a good time.

You should watch this soap opera with a glass of champagne or stiff cocktail...maybe some dolls on hand and really take in the drama and disaster of it all. The fashion is all about sixties sexy secretary and the glamour of broadway...some good some bad ...all mind blowing.