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Every season I think...

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These Ulyan Sergeenko fall 11/12 photos are captivating...starting to make me excited for fashion week.  This season I'm hoping for some new trends I can really sink my teeth into..you know?!  One thing I want to get my hands on is an extra long skirt like these. It's so impractical, but makes me kinda want it even more.


Farewell to a summer of cocktails

photos found at Grub Street by Danny Kim

It was a great summer of drinking.  I am ready to take a long hard break from the boozing....although looking at these colorful cocktails makes me sad to see them go.  Here are a few of my summer cocktail past times.

-Frozen, fruity, boozy (make you want to die the next morning) drinks served up in a pineapple at Painkiller NYC

-Shucking oysters, sipping absinthe and pretending your in New Orleans at Maison Premiere.

-Going for cheap, damn good mezcal margaritas at Lapalapa  or  amazing, fancy smancy mezcal drinks atMayahul.

-One last sad drink at Mars Bar.

-Healthy drinking and raw eating on the Pure Food and Wine patio

-Frozen spicy mango tequila snow cones up town at Casacabel Taqueria

-All about the Michelada all summer long at Calexico


Minty fresh

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Ohhh mint how I love you so.  This color reminds me of a boss I had years ago that despised mint so much that ever time I put it on a mood board or design she would HATE it immediately. Isn't that annoying??? Why do people have to have color prejudices, they should be so ashamed.  

Anyway... this mint blouse is kinda cool, it's that perfect artificially sugary sweet shade. It's that flavor/color we aren't exactly sure where the the hell it came from and are almost afraid to ask, but we kinda like it more just for that reason.



The new black is black

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Do YOU have enough black in your wardrobe??? AND I'm not just saying this cause I live in New York.  I have been a huge believer in ebony shades every since my childhood in LA, yes I wore all black in 1st grade quite often. It's a color I gravitate to when I want to look edgy, chic or super feminine. Here are my top reasons to choose BLACK.

-if you can't afford a ton of clothes, black goes with most everything and can be season less. It will extend your wardrobe.

-if you are investing in a ridiculously expensive big ticket item (coat, shoes, handbag) black is always a winning choice.

-it's the perfect canvas for tons of tacky accessories, pops of trendy color and over the top makeup.

-it makes you look and feel slimmer, not to mention more important and goal oriented.

-cause you can eat a messy Italian dinner in black and still look chic as hell when your done.

-the little black dress is SEXY and TIMELESS.

-cause a color that has gained the loyalty of women in punk rock and fifth avenue really deserves some respect!! 


Brunch done badly

Okay so you may have noticed my brunch posts have become a little more few and far between recently, well there is a reason for that. When I go out brunching it's usually to the same spots, because I know what I'm getting into. I want to leave feeling pleasantly full and in overall good spirits. Lately, I have been extremely underwhelmed with new brunch spots and over all it has come to my attention that some really shady shit is passing for brunch lately... Let me elaborate.

image found at Sweet Paul Blog

-Rip Off Cocktails Okay people...now I know that we all love to pay $10-15 for fancy cocktails here in New York City, but come on sometimes it's just not worth it.  My bloody mary should be DAMN good if it's $10 and up. PLEASE do not dilute it with tomato juice or overpower it with horseradish.  Oh...and a mimosa should really never be over $6 unless you are using some knock my socks off champagne or I'm getting a pint of it. 

-Sub par egg dishes  Let's put the love back into the egg dishes! I can not tell you how many times I have had an omelette with a scant bit of chives and a tiny bit of "seasonal, heirloom, artisanal veggies" and I said "umm are you kidding!!". I know we can do better. 

-Grease bombs  Just because something is a southern infusion of  bacon, butter and gravy does not make it good. Lets get creative instead of fattening and greasy.  Give me some options besides granola and yogurt that aren't going to make me need a wheelbarrel to get out of your restaurtant. Yuck

-No brunch menu   Having a "brunch menu" that is really your lunch menu with one stupid frittatta on it is NOT A BRUNCH menu. Come on this is elementary. Don't serve brunch if you don't have time to develop food for it. I will hold off and visit you another time. It's ok not everyone does brunch and maybe you should sit this one out.


Lady D


Sandwich ALERT!

Okay gang...I have three sandwiches in three different boroughs that you need to try NOW!

The grilled peach at Num Pang in mid-town east is KILLER and it's seasonal so you don't want to miss out. The tangy sweetness of the peaches mixed with the jalapeno, really make me wanna singing Hallelujah to the mid-town sandwich gods! 

The breakfast sandwich at Court Street Grocers is what your breakfast sandwich dreams are made of. The beautiful ciabetta loaf and the hint of peppery arugula really does the trick.  I would recommend this sammy to nurse a mean hang over.

The gouda grilled cheese at The Queens Kickshaw is one of the BEST grilled cheese in NYC right now. The ingredients are unique and put grilled cheese on a level you never thought capable. I mean black bean hummus, guava jam, gouda, and pickled jalapeno...ARE YOU KIDDING! Delish.

Photo found here, here, and here



Making a career in fashion work for YOU.

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I found these beautiful images this morning on Miss Moss and they really struck a chord with me. I am a MAJOR sucker for vintage print/patterns in fashion and ALWAYS have been. Six years ago this month I started my career in the fashion industry. It has been a wild ride, with ups, downs and a few "interesting" people along the way...to say the least!!  I get a lot of emails from girls in fashion or art school asking me how I make a career in this crazy industry we like to call "fashion", work for me. My answer is always find an aspect of the industry that really speaks to YOU.

Lets be real shall we? Most of us that went to art school for fashion design aren't too terribly awesome at paper work or excel or production, cause we are simply more right brain, creative people.   I don't speak for everyone, BUT I confess that I am definitely one of those people.  I was so frustrated for years doing design spread sheets, emails to overseas and color comments.  One day it just hit me and I was like "I HATE this and I really SUCK at it!!!!"  It forced me to take a look at my career and ask the hard questions like "What do I really like about fashion anyway AND what am I good at??"  My answer honestly was print and pattern.  I always admired the print artists I had worked with for years and finally admitted to myself I wanted to be one.  So two years ago I started gearing my portfolio to speak to that.  It's been a lot of work, but I am happy to say that I am much happier now with my current job. Of course there will always be things that aren't perfect and I would love to do more fashion illustrations, but I made the leap into more of what I wanted to do in the industry and that is the first step. 

So to all those awesome girls out there in fashion who hate their boss, cry in the bathroom at work and keep dreaming of something better, start asking yourself RIGHT NOW what you really like to do and don't be afraid to really go after that. The answer could be tons of things..trend forecasting, illustration, styling, or EVEN doing that same paper work or production stuff for a company that has product you support and feel connected too! Start working on your passions after work, talk about it with your friends, or take up old hobbies you used to love. It may even mean you need to go to night school for a bit or weekend classes, but wouldn't that be all worth it... to make yourself feel BETTER?

Okay I will get off my soap box now.  Have a killer weekend and work on doing things you love!!!


Lady D