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Red Medicine (Beverly Hills, LA)

I have been hearing so much about Red Medicine lately in LA!  The food is a mix of southeast Asian flavor and molecular gastronomy experimentation.   The pictured Cocktail has Leblon, Rhubarb, Lime, Ginger Ale, Orange Peel and Lavender.  Can't wait to get back to California to have a taste.

Red Medicine  8400 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Fruute (West Hollywood, Los Angeles)

These beautiful mini tarts from Fruute in LA are the cutest thing, not to mention little works of art.  From what I have heard, they are delicious and marry some amazing flavor combos.  Salt, sour, spicy or sweet these also satisfy my obsession with mini food. LOVE.

Fruute  8951 Santa Monica Blvd Suite A, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Photo from Fruute



Blog Babe-Keiko Lynn


I am currently obsessed with Keiko Lynn's fashion blog right now. This brooklyn blog babe is nailing it with her modern vintage style.  I had to draw this drop dead gorgeous picture of her.  Isn't that hat the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life?!!! Adorable.  Her blog not only features shots of her in beautiful vintage, but also current fashion that is not over the top expensive.  After looking at her blog for about a million hours. I was so inspired to go on a vintage treasure hunt! 

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren


Lemon Yellow

Perfect to dress for a pool party and devour a classic lime margarita

Bathing suit     margaritas


Behind the bar-The Northern Baptist


It's summer and sour cherries are in season!! I'm sure you have a fridge full of them, am I right??? Well I do, sooo making a drink is the perfect reason to use all those red beauties and get smashed at the same time. 

This recipe is a variation on a Presbyterian (Scotch, Club Soda and Ginger Ale). Some say is was called this because you could drink it at a church picnic and it just looked like iced tea. So sneaky!! Kenny and I used Bourbon, Luxardo marinated cherries and Vernors soda in ours to kick it up a few million notches. That Vernors packs a PUNCH!!

Kenny named ours the Northern Baptist to give a node to the northern Michigan orgins of Vernors Soda and staying in the religious theme Baptist just seemed like a damn good religion to pick.  I couple of these babies and you may just be a believer.


5-10 Luxardo Marachino Cherries with 1/2 oz syrup-Here is the recipe.  It is super easy and everyone will be so impressed and think you are a cherry goddess, but it takes about 2 to 3 days to really marinate.   If you don't have time, buy the Luxardo cherries pre-made or regular maraschino cherries are ok, it will just be sweeter so reduce cherries and syrup used.

2 oz Bourbon- We used Templeton Rye. It's pricey but delicious. This stuff is SO good, drink it straight...if that's your thing. A lesser quality of bourbon is okay, after all this is a mixed drink and you're not going to taste all  the beautiful flavors of the top shelf stuff.

2-4oz Vernors Soda- Okay so this stuff if pretty hard to find, almost impossible here is New York. I found it at the Court Street Market in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. You have to taste this stuff, SO GOOD. If you love ginger ale you will freak out over it.  You peeps from Michigan know what I mean.  If you can't find it, use a good quality ginger ale.

oh and of course ice

 Okay now lets get on with it.....

-Muddle the cherries and syrup in a shaker. add a hand full of ice and the bourbon.

-shake it all up

-pour all into a glass (no need to strain, all those muddled cherry bits are delicious)

-Top with remaining Vernors or gingerale.  

-Garnish with a few cherries on top, cause it looks pretty and no one wants a tasty drink to feel ugly.

Serve and Enjoy!

Photos by Danielle Malmgren


Roberta's (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Here in New York we all take our neighborhood pizza very seriously, maybe a tad too seriously by SOME peoples standards. The point is we don't care about those people AND we don't fool around with mediocre ingredients and quality, that's why Roberta's really stands out on the pizzeria list of heavy weights.  This hipster hangout serves up top notch pizza and out of this world veggie sides (straight from their rooftop garden).  I grabbed a seat at one of the many picnic tables and indulged on the Fairytale Eggplant (with mascarpone, wood sorrel and arugula), and the Axl Rosenberg Pixxa (tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, mushrooms, double garlic and jalapenos). There are many great pizzas in New York but when you combine imaginative menu options and fresher the fresh ingredients the result is pure perfection. 

Roberta's 61 Moore St.BrooklynNY 11206 nr. Bogart St.

all photos from http://robertaspizza.com/


California colors

These oranges and greens take me back to the sunshine of California

Cactus, Floral, orange, palms, necklace, paint