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Citrus Cake

This citrus cake over at Apollinas is inspired by the Stella McCartney Lemon print! So beautiful and would definitely be a show stopper at any bbq!

All photos from Apollinas 


Miss Lily's (Soho, NY)

Ever since I went to Jamaica last February, I can't stop thinking about the amazing food.  Jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, and endless amount of cool refreshing beers, make the island a delicious paradise.  When I heard about the Jamaican brunch at Miss Lily's, here in New York, I had to go.  

The airy space has a rec room feel, with diner style booths, reggae albums on the wall and scratchy rock steady beats flowing from the stereo. We started our meal off with the Hotstepper (soju, spicy bloody mary mix and chili salt) and the Bam Bam (Carib beer, lime, hot sauce and salt).  For eats we devoured the Jerk Pork Belly Hash,  layered with jewels of pork, fried eggs, peppers and onions and next dove into the Jamaican rancheros with over easy eggs, plantains, stew peas, and scotch bonnet peppers. We finished off with a refreshing Ting a Ling (red stripe beer and Ting citrus soda).

The brunch went far beyond my memorys of jamaican cuisine and slowed me down into the relaxed island pace,  just don't be surprised when you gaze out the window and instead of finding blue waters, the bustle of Houston Street is what greets you.

Miss Lily's  132 W. Houston St.New YorkNY   nr. Sullivan St.

Before you go refer to the below glossary of popular Jamaican food and fruit

Ackee- A fruit, used for its yellow flesh. Popular at breakfast due to it's mild flavor that is reminiscent of eggs.  Served with Salt Fish

Callaloo- Leafy green vegetabel, similar to a collard green

Festival-a fried biscuit or dumpling shaped like a sausage

Jelly-Baby coconut meat

Salt Fish- Salt cod that is boiled down and usually sauteed with ackee, onions and scotch bonnet peppers.

Seapuss-Jamaican Octopus 

Sorell Juice-This juice made from the petals of the Sorell plant (a member of the hibiscus family) can be described as tart, somewhat like cranberry but with a mellower, more pleasant flavor.

Soursop- An irregular shaped fruit with a cottony pulp that is invitingly fragrant yet acidic. Tastes of strawberry and pineapple with an underlying creamy flavor reminiscent to a coconut or banana

Sweetsop- A heart-shaped lumpy fruit pack with pits and sweet custard like flesh.  Tastes of pineapple.

All photos by Danielle Malmgren


Clemente's Maryland Crab House (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)


I am going to prologue this post by say....I am not...I repeat NOT...a fan of any place that is ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!! It usually involves poor quality food,  huge food comas, anxiety attacks and having absolutely no self control when it comes to seconds, thirds and fouths.  

Now with that being said...with all my rules, there are exceptions and Clemente's is a BIG exception. I ask you.....When was the last time you got really messy after eating a meal? I MEAN MESSY. Probably not recently enough I'm guessing. My advice to you is pick a leisurely Sunday and take the train/bus ride to Sheepshead bay. Head to Clementes, pick a table out by the water, pull your hair back, put your plastic bib on and order the all you can eat crabs. When you order, choose carefully between the old bay or garlic crabs...I get half and half cause it's the best.  It will arrive at your table and you will be giddy with delight and you will order seconds and thirds and maybe fourths. You will use a whole roll of paper towels and drink multiple beers. You will leave happy, full and desperately in need of a shower.

Clemente's Maryland Crab House

3939 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn

All photos by Danielle Malmgren



I did this mood board for Arrow and the Apple.  These girly soft colors and light fabrics seem like perfect inspiration for today.


Wafles and Dinges (NY Food Truck)

It's been an amazing first week here at Lady D and I couldn't help but treat myself to a some sweetness at Waffles and Dinges!  These made to order wafles with all the fixings (pictured here-banana, strawberry, powdered sugar and dulce de lech) are amazing!  Have a great weekend!

Wafles and Dinges


Baked (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

In this crazy heat wave we are having in New York right now (and crazy flash flood thunder/lightning storm) all I can think about is melting away. So these lime meltaway cookies from Baked seem like a perfect pick me up. Crisp, light and refreshing with a burst of citrus. It's like eating a cookie version key lime pie. So tasty!  Put in the freezer for an extra cool cookie.

In addition to their fantastic bakery, the two cookbooks Baked has put out are pretty amazing and chronicle what they do best...making old fashioned baked goods with an updated twist.  Be sure to try the killer brownies and famous root beer cake recipes.

Baked     359 Van Brunt Str., Brooklyn, NY 11231 (nr. Dikeman St.)

Photo by Danielle Malmgren


Fort Defiance (Redhook, Brooklyn)

I usually don't venture out to Red Hook much, but when I do some eating and drinking is definitely on the agenda (well that and Ikea, the water taxi and maybe a quick trip to Fairway).  This sunday I had my stomach set on Fort Defiance, for some hearty southern fare and some strong cocktails.

 I walked in and felt the quaint, sourthern charm of this airy neighborhood cafe. It not only serves a plethora of brunch options, but boasts Counter Culture Coffee and the best Seltzer and Egg Creams in New York!  As far as brunch eats go, the asparagus and parmesan omelet did the job, but sadly, the side of collard greens lacked in spice and flavor.  I was satisfied by the biscuits and gravy and it happily made up for the flavor that  the collard greens had feel short on.   Unfortunately, we did not get our cocktails till after brunch, due to the very slow service, BUT the real stars here were the tried and true bloody mary (love the pickled okra as garnish) and the tommy's Margarita (a brilliant combo of tangy citrus and spicy jalapeno).

So please do venture to Fort Defiance, if what you are craving is a mixed cocktails, killer seltzer and the slowed down pass of the south.

Fort Defiance  365 Van Brunt St.BrooklynNY 11231  (nr. Dikeman St.)

(all photos by Danielle Malmgren)