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color love

Alice and Olivia Spring 2012

I have been working on color palettes all day for Spring 2013 and when I spotted the color over at Alice and Olivia I just felt good.  I would wear all of these....yep...sure would.


Rose Petals

Dress in this Dior skirt and devour this Rose Petal Prosecco Punch

Ever since I can remember I have always LOVED anything that smelled and tasted like roses...It may have something to do with this doll I had as a kid (she smelled like rose petals and I loved her soooo much)or that my middle name is Rose.  I love rose candy, rose hip ice cream and rose macaroons....so when I saw this tasty Rose Petal Prosecco Punch I couldn't help but put it on my list of things to make this spring. 



I grew up around flowers and gardening so I am never surprised when I find a lot of my inspiration in the great outdoors.  I took these photos at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and I definitely would recommend going when you need a break from the daily grind or just to remind yourself that nature is alive and well in New York City. I will be posting some photos of the Brooklyn gardens throughout the month of April...so stay tuned.


Peachy Keen

Necklace, Mod Girl, Sun Set, Watch, Christian Lacroix Couture, Wacko, Peony Wallpaper, Erasers

I am in love with all these fresh hues of peach.  So perfect for the first few days of spring. That Wacko store sign also takes me back to driving down Hollywood Blvd. If you ever find yourself in LA, stop by this fun shop and art gallery La Luz de Jesus (located in the store).


Fashion Sketchbook #6

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren. Find the dress and Necklace HERE!

There is something about the desolate Coney Island this time of year that really is beautiful.  The beaches are pristine, the boardwalk is calm and the carnival rides are still and silent.  The only ones around are the local Russians walking their dogs and chatting with friends.  The colors on the closed shutters of vendor stalls are the only hint of what is to come and when the sun sets the whole place sparkles with the promise of summer.


Jet Setting-Melbourne with Emma Leonard

You know when you see someone's work and you think...."WOW,  I want to be THAT good!!!"  Emma Leonard is kind of like that for me. I love the energy and spirit her dreamy girls have.  Her illustrations are also a great example of how working  in a few different mediums and styles can work beautifully together as a collection. So let's go to Melbourne Australia and see how Emma works and lives!
Where do you find inspiration? What is the first thing you do when you start on a project?
I find inspiration everywhere! Other illustrators and artists such as Miss Van, Audrey Kawasaki, Abbie McCulloch, Kat Mcleod, Beci Orpin and many, many more. Also from poetry, stories, fairy tales & folk tales, Natural History Museums, and magazines like Lula, Frankie, Russh, Yen, and Uppercase.

The first thing I do when I start a new project is to almost always to head to these sources for inspiration, as well as my collection of art and illustration books, then start making lists of all of my ideas.

How did you get started illustrating? Did you always want to do this for a career? When I was small, I remember telling people I wanted to illustrate children's books, but somewhere along the way I must have just forgotten and only just realised that illustration was the career for me about 2 years ago, when I decided to return to study.

What is a typical day like for you? Do you have a studio? My studio is in my home, first I answer emails and update my blogs, I am also a full time student  so during the day I usually have classes. My afternoons are usually spent updating my etsy store and packaging prints or at the post office sending them, and then at nights and weekends I do my freelance illustration work which could be anywhere form 2-5 different projects at any one time.

What is you work process like? What materials do you love?  I make a lot of lists first then move onto really rough and tiny little thumbnail sketches, from there I will work up a line drawing then scan it and make any more changes digitally,  I find its good to look at it on the computer screen, form a fresh perspective just in case there are any more changes to be made, then I print it off onto tracing paper and transfer onto the work surface. Line drawing and rendering comes first then colour is applied last. I love to work on Bainbridge Illustration board with graphite pencils in a variety of weights, a kneadable eraser, and a really good sharpener. I also really like the flexibility and spontaneity of watercolour, I love the contrast of quite tight and controlled linework with the intuitive, loose colour.

Any recommendations to all the illustrators that want to do this full time-I have found the Internet to be a really invaluable tool, if you don't put yourself out there, no one knows you exits, which is why my blog, website and Etsy store are so important to my business. Keeping them up to date with regular posting helps to create a loyal following. I have found that my Etsy store and participating in design markets were a really effective way to reach potential clients and build a profile, and also a way to get great feedback about what people really love about your work, which can be a nice confidence booster every now and then! It's really important to identify your audience or market and figure out a way to exploit it to your advantage.


What are your favorite places to EAT in Melbourne?  Do you have a favorite type of cuisine? There are sooo many good restaurants in Melbourne, its hard to choose! My favorite type of cuisine is good Mexican, so I love to eat at Mamsita and Newmarket and I also really enjoy Hellenic Republic which is Greek. 

What are your favorite eating spots? For a fancy spot I like The Press Club (Modern Greek).  For low end the Taco Truck have the most amazing tacos. I have no idea how they can make something so fresh and delicious in such a tiny little truck!. A great date spot is Gingerboy (Hawker-style Asian restaurant)

Do you go out for fancy cocktails in Melbourne or have a favorite sweet treats spot?Cookie for cocktails, but they get very busy so you might be waiting a while, and Sugardough for their brownies.

Where do you SHOP in Melbourne....do you have a favorite store to buy a great party dress? Metropolis for art and design books, La Miette Belle for delicious macaroons and Alice Euphemia for a party dress made by Lover, my favorite Australian designer.

Do you go to vintage shops or flea markets?  I love vintage shops, my favorite is 'Tarlo & Graham' for their amazing taxidermy collection and you can always find some treasures at Camberwell market if you get there early enough on a Sunday morning.

What do you love best about Melbourne? I love that there is always something happening in Melbourne! The city is known for it's street art and has a really vibrant creative culture, there are always exhibitions to see, art and design markets to visit and new restaurants to try, so no excuse to ever be bored!


In love with all of these.

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren

Last summer I saw these Miss L Fire shoes on Trashy Diva and became OBSESSED! Unfortunately they were out of stock at the time, so I have made it my mission to find them.  I looked far and wide....websites in London and Australia, but no luck. This summer they finally got a few more in and I just bought a pair!!!! Won't these be perfect for a sweet picnic in the park?   I am in love with all the shoes over at Miss L Fire.   Fruit on shoes is happiness.