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Mad Men-Peggy Olsen

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren Based on photo found here

Peggy has to be my favorite lady on Mad Men. Her character has grown leaps and bounds since the beginning of the show.  I love how she has managed to climb her way up the corporate ladder and overcome some crazy obstacles. I wouldn't be surprised if she owns the company by the end of the next season.


Mad Men-Betty Draper

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren Photo found here

Betty's Grace Kelly looks and little girl charm always seems to get her what she wants, until her perfect world falls apart and she has no idea what she desires at all. Her character always surprises and I can't wait to see what is up her sleeve for the next season.


Mad Men-Joan Holloway 

Illustration By Danielle Malmgren  Based on this photo

I have to admit I am more then just a little excited about the season premier of Mad Men coming up this month.  I figure that I would start celebrating by drawing a few of the lovely women that make the show for me. First up the amazing Joan!   Possibly the sexiest secretary that was ever on television, this lovely lady may have made it fashionable to have hips again.  Every women wants her wardrobe and every man just wants her. 


Fashion Sketchbook #5

Photos by Linsi Matteson       Dress from Act Theatre Company San Francisco

When I saw this photo shoot my sister Mallory did in San Francisco I fell in LOVE. That dress makes me want to get all dolled up, go out to a lavish ball and drink champagne. So stunning!!! Sometimes we all need to play dress up and every once in awhile be draped in sparkle.


Serious Pizza

Photos by Danielle Malmgren

There are some pizza destinations in New York that should not be passed up, Totonno's is one of them. You haven't tasted pizza like this...or at least not in a very long time.  With trendy wood fired pizza ovens all over the city... phenomenal coal oven pizza like this are much harder to come by.  The crispy crust, perfect sauce and fresh mozzarella are all baked to perfection.  Don't let the the long lines, airplane-wine-bottles, and sassy Brooklyn attitude turn you away, they only add to the charm. 



Found HERE

Lately my sugar cravings have been out of control! I need to reel myself in, but I seriously just want to eat all this cake right now for breakfast. AHHHHH. YUM


Sweet Sips


I am on the hunt for some pretty glassware and these candy colored cocktail glasses are to die for.  I would be more then happy to serve up drinks at my next dinner party in these.