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Midnight snack

Photos by Danielle Malmgren

Sometimes after a night on the town with friends and cocktails I get the munchies...BAD!!  What am I usually craving in the wee hours of the night or early morning??  TACOS!  I love to stop on over at Calexico for a delightful Michelada (Tecate beer, hot sauce and lime juice) and some tasty tacos.  My favorites are the Chipotle Pork, Carne Asada and Tofu Asado.  The quesadillas are AMAZING too and that crack sauce on the side is so good you will be asking for extra! I would also recommend the salad with added tofu for a semi healthy option. So don't go to bed hungry, have a taco!

Calexico-Locations in Greenpoint, Red Hood and Mid Town Cart


Fashion Sketchbook #3- A Valentine Special

Bando Hair Pom Pom, American Apparel Blouse, Coat Forever 21, Kate Spade Ring, Skirt Leifsdottir, Irregular Choice Boots

The month of LOVE is coming up and I like to wear this heart skirt to get the romantic mood going! It just keeps things festive and I love dressing in a theme. My new favorite piece is that chiffon blouse, I wear it under dresses and with skirts...isn't that neck tie bow perfect? It's my favorite kinda basic and I sort of want every single color!!! What is your favorite basic? Oh and if you haven't noticed I have been playing around with drawing styles for this column so every drawing has been looking a little different...this month I tried markers, but I am leaning towards this style.


A new way to say...

Illustration and photos by Danielle Malmgren

This winter I have been all about the Hot Toddies (as per usual), but recently I have been adding Beckerovka (a liqueur from the Czech Republic). Becherovka is flavored with anise seed, cinnamon, and approximately 32 other herbs, so it basically tastes like Christmas in liquid form. SO GOOD!!! Try my new and improved Hot Toddy Recipe below for the cold winter nights when an extra KICK IN THE PANTS is needed.

1 shot Whiskey

1/2 shot Becherovka (or more depending on intensity desired)

1/2 cup hot water

1 Tbsp honey or agave syrup

1 Tbsp lemon juice

4 cloves, cinnamon stick

Pout hot water into mug, add honey, lemon juice and shots. Wedge cloves into lemon slice and place in liquid. Add a cinnamon stick if desired. Serve.


Spring awakening

Illustrations by Danielle Malmgren  Photos from J. Crew

Wow...J. Crew really got it right with their bright color palette for spring! I love the WOW statement of a monochromatic outfit with pop of contrast accessories. J Crew is such a great example of how really simple pieces, in bold colors, with some PERFECT styling can be AMAZING.  Is spring here yet??



Dress in these tan and orange spectators and devour this Lava Flow Cocktail.


Escape to a....

1.sweater, 2.Bag, 3.Mulling spices, 4.Camera, 5.Mulled Wine, 6.Noble maple syrup, 7.skies, 8.Socks, 9.Boots 10.Coat

Kenny and I are planning a little Vermont getaway in the near future, so I thought all these goodies would be appropriate for a cozy cabin retreat!  Believe it or not folk I have NEVER skied...nope...never.  The idea of it is kinda terifying to me since my balance isn't too great (too many long appendages).  Those vintage wooden skies above once belonged to Marilyn Monroe....sooo I guess if she can do it so can I. Honestly I really just want to hang out at the lodge and drink mulled wine. Is that so wrong?


Patterns in PYREX

Image found HERE

I can't help but find so much pattern and color inspiration in this pyrex!  I have a collection of these myself and they are such a joy to cook with. It makes every meal a little more colorful.