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Pink frosting and Black licorice

Mess, Maryjane, Chanel, Umbrella girl, Donuts, Suit, Dress, Dames, Rose

It's almost the month of love....so bust out some gorgeous shades of pink with a touch of black.


In my lunch box...

Photos by Danielle Malmgren

Munching on some Vietnamese veggie pork Bánh mì sandwiches from Hanco's in Cobble Hill Brooklyn! These babies are filled to the brim with veggie pork, mayo, cucumber, radish and pickled carrot & daikon radish, all on a toasted French baguette. It is also kind of a deal for...$5.75.  Yummm

Hanco's- Bubble Tea & Vietnamese Sandwiches 85 Bergen Street NY 11201 718-858-6818


Feeling a little...

Illustrations by Danielle Malmgren (adapted from photos found HERE)

They are known as digestive aids, once patent medicines and the key ingredient to a Manhattan.  Bitters are defintely having a moment in the cocktail scene these days and rightly so.  Brad Thomas Parsons, authour of Bitters said "People say bitters are the salt and pepper of the bar, but really, they're like the spice rack."

Bitters are flavored concoctions made from high-proof alcohol infused with fruits, spices, roots and barks like gentian and cinchona. The best know commercial bitters are Angostura and Peychaud's. Most bitters were created over a century ago and just a dash of them can make or break a drink!  These days mixologists are trying to replicate the old reliables and making there own unique varieties like Mole, Jamaican Jerk, and Celery.

Want some great bitters to try?  Try Scrappy's Bitters from Whisk in Brooklyn. Feeling adventurous and want to make your own? Look HERE and HERE. Oh and want to cure your hiccups?  Take a lemon wedge, coat it in sugar, then douse it with some bitters. Bite down. Works every time.


Pretty Palettes

I am on the search for some new colors to add to my blog's palette and I am obsessed with these drop dead gorgeous shots. So refreshing... I love the BRIGHT POPS of color.  Do you have a color palette for your blog? Do you stick to it?? 


Fashion Sketchbook #2 

Dress-Goodwill, Jacket-Jet RagBelt-Shareens, Moshchino Heels-DSW, Tights-Nordstrom Rack, Purse-Beacon's Closet

My go to vintage color combo always seems to be navy and red.  I love how it looks so sweet and americana. The butterfly dress I am wearing in these pics is a FAVORITE.  I purchased it in Simi Valley CA long ago at the Goodwill (that is when I would drive, in my beat up Ford Taurus, to every Goodwill in a 100 mile radius to buy vintage). Such a find..RIGHT?? Oh and that jacket with the killer polka dot lining....found it in the dollar pile at Jet Rag on La Brea.  If you live in LA I think they still have the $1 sales on sunday...sooo don't miss it! 

I took these shots when we were having a little burst of January warm weather here in NY! Today there is snow on the ground so that is long gone! Not to worry...some fashion shoots in the snow are on the way.


It's January, thinking about...

1.Snow Boots, 2.Coffee and French Press, 3.Scarf, 4.Mittens, 5.Puffer Coat, 6.sweet lace top 7.Fur Hat, 8. Marshmallows, 9. Hat

Illustrations by Danielle Malmgren

This post goes out to all my friends in Seattle that are braving the crazy snow storm!! To survive the city snow days it is essential to stay super warm and cozy, that's why all the ladies here in New York joke that even the most fashionable of us have a puffer coat! Why not have a gold one like this stunning Marc Jacobs number?  Oh and snow boots??? Don't even get me started...when it get dangerously icy you need them or you will land on your tush in no time.  I always look to my trusty Sorrel Joan of the Artics. The cute fur trim on the top makes them special.  Then when the snow ball fights and sledding are done you are going to need a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate to keep you going..I suggest adding a giant marshmallow for good measure!  HAPPY SNOW DAY SEATTLEITIES!


Tasty rainbows

DRESS in this  layered rainbow of sherbert hues and DEVOUR these colorful macaroons!