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Water Ladies

When I saw this AMAZING photo shoot (sent to me by my friend Jodi) and  I had to add some watercolor to it!  These ladies definitely call for some big water blooms to frame their pretty faces!


Marigold with a Splash of Pink Grapefruit

Yellow forest, Flowers, MacaroonsShoes, Teacups, Ring-THIS IS ON SALE!! Gold burst, glass, Gatsby, Couch

Everything about this color palette seems spot on!  The bright pink adds a feminine newness to the vintage gold. When was the last time you played around with shades of marigold??? I think it's time.

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Cinnamon Goodness

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren

There has been quite a lot of talk on the street lately about churros. Many New Yorkers are starting to warm up to this delicately fried cinnamon-sugar pastry.  As for myself, being from LA, I grew up around these babies and have always craved their warm crunchy goodness.  Where do I go to get my fill??  My first stop would be La Churreria, in Soho, for fresh in-house made churros and a variety of dipping sauces (hazelnut, spicy Aztec chocolate and dark chocolate).  La Churreria also serves up various breakfast options and baguette sandwiches (see menu here).  Mayahuel offers an outstanding option that pairs well with all their mezcal cocktails and Jolie Cantina, in Brooklyn, offers a free side of mini churros with brunch!! Want Churros for home?  Despana NYC offers frozen churros that heat up well, perfect for a party or late night snack. So eat up!!

Photos found HERE


Mexican Wine and Mezcal Tasting

Illustrations and Photos by Danielle Malmgren

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an evening of Mexican wine and mezcal tasting at the Hotel Americano with wine aficionado Mark Oldman and Chef Alfredo Oropeza. The event was Food and Wine's kick off celebration to their Festival in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo! Let me first confess I am by no means a wine expert, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a fine red! As soon as I began tasting the rich complex notes of the diverse Mexican wines, they immediately hit me as unlike anything I have ever tasted! Each one brought me to the heat of sun soaked Mexico with a robust taste that felt truly unique. The unmistakable sophisticated spicy oak of Santo Tomas Xaloc Reserva was a favorite of the evening. 

When we reached the Tequila and Mezcal I felt a little more knowledgeable. In the last few years the smoky and aged taste of a perfect Mezcal is something I crave regularly. What is Mezcal you may ask?? Basically all Tequilas are Mezcals, but not all Mezcals are Tequilas. Both are made from agave, but tequila needs to be made from at least 51% of blue agave and be grown in Jalisco.  Mezcal can be made of any kind of agave and most is made in Oaxaca.  Some guests of the evening compared the smell and taste to a fine scotch and I couldn't agree more.  While I can appreciate a Mezcal slowly sipped I also love it in a cocktail.

If you are interested in trying some amazing Mexican Wines visit Wines from Baja  or if Mezcal and Tequila is more your speed visit Mayahel in the East Village for some of the best mezcal and tequila cocktails in the city.

Still scared or intimated by wine?? Not to worry, pick up  Mark Oldman's new book, Brave New World of Wine. He will break it down for you!


Bright Violet with a Touch of Golden Rod

Illustrations by Danielle Malmgren

When the weather is as unpredictable as it has been lately in NYC...it is time to bust out some major layer action. I love wearing a bright sweater like this anthropologie golden rod number (got it on sale) with a cute feminine dress. Tights are A MUST for me since it's just another great opportunity to add a fun print or color... my tight collection gets larger every season!! Oh and how about those shoes. I honestly can't wear them for too long, but they really add something special to this outfit!


Japanese Delights

Over the Holiday break I treated myself to some of the best Japanese food New York City and the East Village have to offer.  Both of these picks are amazing and definitely worth the trip.  I would save Robataya for a special evening out or when you have visitors in town (as it is on the pricey end) and hit up Ippudo for a great lunch or casual dinner with a friend.


Glitz and Glamour

Rittenhouse Rye, Shareen Vintage gown, Anna Sui Stockings at anthropologie, Vivienne westwood heels

Happy New Year all!!! For the 2012 I am going to be bringing you a lil' closer into my life here in Brooklyn New York with some VERY personal style and food posts! It's just more fun that way..right??? 

So today I didn't really get anything done, because I was so busy parading around the house wearing this GORGEOUS beaded vintage gown!! Won't it be perfect for tonight? I picked it up at Shereen Vintage in NYC. Have you been???  It's amazing and really got me back into vintage again... after being without since I moved to NYC (prices are too high here). Shareen and her staff are just such a pleasure to visit with and offer amazing suggestions on what is just right for your body type. I would shop her LA location years ago and now I am all to happy to shop her vintage finds in NYC. 

Hope everyone has a lovely evening with lots of champagne and sweet kisses at midnight!