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Because any month with the Letter "R" is...

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I LOVE oysters and usually have them all year round.  Although, I have been told  that the best times to eat oyster are in the months with a letter "R". So I did a little research and found out more...

This belief was started in the 1900's when there was no refrigeration, so oysters had to be eaten when they were freshest. Also this may have come about because the warm months are when oysters mate. The oysters are not as plump and become soft, unlike in the colder months when their meat is firmer and has more flavor.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and grab a couple dozen! I especially enjoy them with a dirty martini or bloody Mary!

Here is a list of some of my favorite spots for the oyster enthusiast.


Clover Club (Cobble Hill-Brooklyn)

all photos by Danielle Malmgren

 A post on Clover Club is really long over due.  That is simply because it is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE places to eat brunch in Brooklyn. I find that many of these "old timey" bars really come up short in the food department...I mean a cute atmosphere can only go so far..ya know??  Here at Clover Club the food and cocktails go seamlessly with the beautiful speakeasy ambience.  I strongly suggest ordering the Bar Man's Bloody Mary, made with fresh basil, fernet and bourbon.  This beauty of a bloody has a much-coveted spot on my top Bloody Marys of New York (the full list will be coming soon...so keep your eyes peeled).  For eats the egg sandwich is a stand out. Two perfect fried eggs are topped with cheddar, red onion, bib lettuce and pepper bacon all between toasted sourdough slathered with aioli. The baked eggs with manchego and chorizo also hit the spot (not to mention the tomato sauce is the perfect for toast point dipping).  So if you were waiting for yet another reason to get your lazy bum out of bed and go to brunch... Clover Club would be it.

Clover Club210 Smith St.BrooklynNY 11201 nr. Butler St. 


Roberta's (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Here in New York we all take our neighborhood pizza very seriously, maybe a tad too seriously by SOME peoples standards. The point is we don't care about those people AND we don't fool around with mediocre ingredients and quality, that's why Roberta's really stands out on the pizzeria list of heavy weights.  This hipster hangout serves up top notch pizza and out of this world veggie sides (straight from their rooftop garden).  I grabbed a seat at one of the many picnic tables and indulged on the Fairytale Eggplant (with mascarpone, wood sorrel and arugula), and the Axl Rosenberg Pixxa (tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, mushrooms, double garlic and jalapenos). There are many great pizzas in New York but when you combine imaginative menu options and fresher the fresh ingredients the result is pure perfection. 

Roberta's 61 Moore St.BrooklynNY 11206 nr. Bogart St.

all photos from http://robertaspizza.com/


Brucie (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn)

I admit it...I have started to grow tired of the restaurants in my neighborhood.  It's not that they're bad (actually most of the places near me are amazing), it's just I have gone too many times and they have lost the element of surprise and mystery they once had.  On one particular night I was especially feeling very ho hum about my options, and then can Brucie! I had been passing by Brucie for months and I finally decided to go in. The interior is packed to the brim with charming details like gorgeous wallpapers, a rustic wood bar, mason jar chandeliers, and Italian fare ready to be purchased for your own cooking adventures.   

I went to town on the delectable Zucchini Flowers alla Parmigiana and fresh buttery Sea Scallop Tartare with tangy picked rhubarb and crisp beet chips. The winner of the evening was the Pork Belly Milanese with cherry tomato and cucumber salad, a refreshing and brilliantly seasoned combination. I finished the meal with a Cooolhaus Ice Cream Sandwhich (brown butter candied bacon ice cream between a maple pecan cookie) and if that isn't enough to get anyone excited, I don't know what is!!

Brucie 234 Court St.BrooklynNY 11201  at Baltic St

all photos by Danielle Malmgren


Vinegar Hill House (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

The Vinegar Hill House, is a gem buried in the secret cobble stone streets of Vinegar Hill near Dumbo, Brooklyn.

It is a place you could spend an entire Sunday afternoon sipping on a french press coffee or a "Swan Song" cocktail (applejack, brandy, orange & grenadine), nibbling on toast with orange marmalade and butter, and enjoying their sunny patio or cozy dining room.

Something about the old country cottage's, mismatched antique silverware, screen doors, folk art pottery and big farm house tables make me crave simple, beautiful, unpretentious food.

Luckily there is nothing short of local, seasonal, perfect brunching to be had here.   Feast upon the Motosierra aka  "The Chainsaw"  (a light sourdough pancake filled with Chorizo and jalapeno topped with a pineapple mango salsa), or the Ful Medames (poached egg, cucumber, olives and lemon), or possibly The Angela's Sourdough Pancakes (with fresh ricotta and pecan bourbon sauce).

Yes it could be all these things that make me want to go back to Vinegar hill, the maple bacon, the yummy cocktails, the roasted octopus on the dinner menu.....or it could be just the adventure of getting there.

Vinegar Hill House 72 Hudson Ave.BrooklynNY 11201  nr. Water St.

All Photos by Danielle Malmgren


Clemente's Maryland Crab House (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)


I am going to prologue this post by say....I am not...I repeat NOT...a fan of any place that is ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!! It usually involves poor quality food,  huge food comas, anxiety attacks and having absolutely no self control when it comes to seconds, thirds and fouths.  

Now with that being said...with all my rules, there are exceptions and Clemente's is a BIG exception. I ask you.....When was the last time you got really messy after eating a meal? I MEAN MESSY. Probably not recently enough I'm guessing. My advice to you is pick a leisurely Sunday and take the train/bus ride to Sheepshead bay. Head to Clementes, pick a table out by the water, pull your hair back, put your plastic bib on and order the all you can eat crabs. When you order, choose carefully between the old bay or garlic crabs...I get half and half cause it's the best.  It will arrive at your table and you will be giddy with delight and you will order seconds and thirds and maybe fourths. You will use a whole roll of paper towels and drink multiple beers. You will leave happy, full and desperately in need of a shower.

Clemente's Maryland Crab House

3939 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn

All photos by Danielle Malmgren


Baked (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

In this crazy heat wave we are having in New York right now (and crazy flash flood thunder/lightning storm) all I can think about is melting away. So these lime meltaway cookies from Baked seem like a perfect pick me up. Crisp, light and refreshing with a burst of citrus. It's like eating a cookie version key lime pie. So tasty!  Put in the freezer for an extra cool cookie.

In addition to their fantastic bakery, the two cookbooks Baked has put out are pretty amazing and chronicle what they do best...making old fashioned baked goods with an updated twist.  Be sure to try the killer brownies and famous root beer cake recipes.

Baked     359 Van Brunt Str., Brooklyn, NY 11231 (nr. Dikeman St.)

Photo by Danielle Malmgren