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Fort Defiance (Redhook, Brooklyn)

I usually don't venture out to Red Hook much, but when I do some eating and drinking is definitely on the agenda (well that and Ikea, the water taxi and maybe a quick trip to Fairway).  This sunday I had my stomach set on Fort Defiance, for some hearty southern fare and some strong cocktails.

 I walked in and felt the quaint, sourthern charm of this airy neighborhood cafe. It not only serves a plethora of brunch options, but boasts Counter Culture Coffee and the best Seltzer and Egg Creams in New York!  As far as brunch eats go, the asparagus and parmesan omelet did the job, but sadly, the side of collard greens lacked in spice and flavor.  I was satisfied by the biscuits and gravy and it happily made up for the flavor that  the collard greens had feel short on.   Unfortunately, we did not get our cocktails till after brunch, due to the very slow service, BUT the real stars here were the tried and true bloody mary (love the pickled okra as garnish) and the tommy's Margarita (a brilliant combo of tangy citrus and spicy jalapeno).

So please do venture to Fort Defiance, if what you are craving is a mixed cocktails, killer seltzer and the slowed down pass of the south.

Fort Defiance  365 Van Brunt St.BrooklynNY 11231  (nr. Dikeman St.)

(all photos by Danielle Malmgren)


Char no. 4 (Carroll Gardens,Brooklyn

 Bourbon Bloody Mary with house pickle


Poached eggs with bacon cheddar grits

Kentucky Royale-Bourbon, Sparkling Wine, Cassis and Orange

Char No. 4 is for the kinda Sunday when you wake up and you need a splash of bourbon in your bloody mary (or just the bourbon on the rocks...Hey no one is judging!!!). The eggs are so buttery, the bacon so crisp and the cornbead so moist, it is what brunch dreams are made of.  As soon as you walk in and smell the aroma of smoke and buttermilk and your eyes fall upon the warm hues of bourbon bottles lining the wall, you know this is going to be serious.  You will want to come back for more.... I promise.

Char No. 4

196 Smith St.BrooklynNY 11201 
nr. Baltic St

(all photos by Danielle Malmgren)


Northern Spy (East Village, NY)




Stripped Bass with Corn Puree

Gnocchi with Sweet Popato

Peach Pie


(not pictured above)--

Kale Salad (Clothbound Cheddar, Kabocha Squash, Almonds, Lemon Dressing, Pecorin) 

Flat Bread with Potato and Rosemary, Squid 

So yes this little restaurant/market tucked away in the East Village is quite a find.  The food fresh and locally sourced , the dining room low key and cozy, the beer and wine selection featuring both local and imported options, and the prices so resonable you can come back again and again.  Although, when I tell friends about the magic of  Northern Spy all they can ask is "What does that name mean".  Well my dear friends the restaurant is named after New York's state apple...The Northern Spy.  Juicy, crisp and mildly sweet the restaurant pays homage to the apple in there Northern Spy Apple Pie....oh how devine!!!!


Northern Spy Co

511 E. 12th Street

New York, Ny



images from Northern Spy.com


Prune (East Village, NY)

Fried Oyster Omelette with remoulade sauce

Ricotta and Merveilles


Now you may be saying... wow..really?...10:30am for brunch...that seems a tad early....and I will simply say you can never and i repeat NEVER get to Prune too early for Sunday Brunch.

For one, you have to get there early, because the wait will generally be an hour or longer (so be prepared to get coffee at Bluebird next door while you wait).

Two you will wake up so early on Sunday from craving the Oyster Omelette with remoulade sauce,  Spaghetti A La Carbonara, Spicy Stewed Chickpeas, Dutch Style Pancakes and Soft Scrambled Eggs you will wait in front till they open.

Three and MOST IMPORTANTLY the bloody marys.  Which really is the only reason to get out of bed all together on a sunday morning. They bloody mary menu is so impressive they feature TWELVE different Marys.  My favorite is Chicago Matchbox (homemade lemon vodka, pickled brussels sprouts, white turnip, caper berries, green beans and radishes)I'm a garnish girl when it comes to marys so its like this one was meant for me.

Prune is the kind of place once you get there you will never want to leave, because a life filled with Oyster omelets, endless Bloody Marys options and unpretentious honest to goodness good food is one worth living...not to mention the cute little black licorice candy they give you with the bill..that helps too.


54 E. 1st Ave

New York, NY



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