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Cheap Thrills



All of these T-straps and Mary-Janes are not only cute and comfortable but SUPER affordable.  I love buying cheap shoes, because you can buy more of them and i want all of these!

BUT a word of caution, if your a nyc gal like me, you will wear the HELL out of these shoes and the heel will probably fall off in the middle of 7th avenue and you will have to  take them to your shoe guy and he will say "Lady, why do you wanna fix these cheap shoes?" and then he will charge you $15 and you will gladly pay it...cause you love them THAT MUCHHHHH... just saying.

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The sensible shopper

I have to say that yesterday at around 7:00 pm Eastern Time, Soho New York City, I started to have a panic attack.  Spring was here and every shop I went into seemed like a huge disappointment. No one had the colors or silhouettes i was craving....everyone that is EXCEPT Zara!  Finally some new unexpected color combos, bright fresh stripes and delicate watercolor florals to sink my teeth into.  Oh and the price points are pretty easy on the wallet too.