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Feeling a little...

Illustrations by Danielle Malmgren (adapted from photos found HERE)

They are known as digestive aids, once patent medicines and the key ingredient to a Manhattan.  Bitters are defintely having a moment in the cocktail scene these days and rightly so.  Brad Thomas Parsons, authour of Bitters said "People say bitters are the salt and pepper of the bar, but really, they're like the spice rack."

Bitters are flavored concoctions made from high-proof alcohol infused with fruits, spices, roots and barks like gentian and cinchona. The best know commercial bitters are Angostura and Peychaud's. Most bitters were created over a century ago and just a dash of them can make or break a drink!  These days mixologists are trying to replicate the old reliables and making there own unique varieties like Mole, Jamaican Jerk, and Celery.

Want some great bitters to try?  Try Scrappy's Bitters from Whisk in Brooklyn. Feeling adventurous and want to make your own? Look HERE and HERE. Oh and want to cure your hiccups?  Take a lemon wedge, coat it in sugar, then douse it with some bitters. Bite down. Works every time.


A Hot Toddy Holiday

I tend to plan all my holiday festivities around devouring hot toddies. So I thought these golden rod heels would be a perfect holiday shoe to compliment my beverage of choice. Cheers


The Happiest of hours

Cherry Gina & TonicKiwi Capiroska, Grown-up Pink Lemonade

Ummm could we please all go over to the website Spoon, Fork, Bacon today?? I can't stop looking at it this morning!  The photography, design and overall aesthetic makes me giddy and inspired to make my blog a thing of beauty! These girls not only have the foodie thing going on, but know how to make a MEAN COCKTAIL. Cheers to making happy hour the HAPPIEST of hours.


Behind the Bar-End of Summer Lemonade

Gosh I LOVE heirloom tomatoes....can't get enough.   I always try to make a million things with them while they're at the farmers markets. Needless to say, I'm gettin' a little panicked that tomato season is drawing to a close. So before they are gone forever, let's celebrate these babies with a BANG and make the "End of Summer Lemonade"!! Trust me people, tomatoes in lemonade equals good times (the whiskey doesn't hurt either).

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

2 pounds tomatoes, use yellow or orange cored and chopped

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

3 cups ice water

1 shot of whiskey (per drink...or more! No judging here.)

lemon for garnish 

1. In a small sauce pan combine sugar and water, bring to a simmer over medium heat (basically you are making simple syrup). Let cool

2. In a food processor puree tomatoes then strain through sieve and discard solids. Add the simple syrup , lemon juice and ice water. Stir

3. Fill up a tall glass with ice and pour liquid. Add the shot of whiskey. Stir. Garnish that bad boy up with a lemon or tomato wedge!

Recipe found HERE


Farewell to a summer of cocktails

photos found at Grub Street by Danny Kim

It was a great summer of drinking.  I am ready to take a long hard break from the boozing....although looking at these colorful cocktails makes me sad to see them go.  Here are a few of my summer cocktail past times.

-Frozen, fruity, boozy (make you want to die the next morning) drinks served up in a pineapple at Painkiller NYC

-Shucking oysters, sipping absinthe and pretending your in New Orleans at Maison Premiere.

-Going for cheap, damn good mezcal margaritas at Lapalapa  or  amazing, fancy smancy mezcal drinks atMayahul.

-One last sad drink at Mars Bar.

-Healthy drinking and raw eating on the Pure Food and Wine patio

-Frozen spicy mango tequila snow cones up town at Casacabel Taqueria

-All about the Michelada all summer long at Calexico


Drink rose.

The hurricane is coming. Hope everyone is safe and taking this time to... spend with lovers and family members , make an awesome meal, play crazy eights, bake a ginger peach pie, watch an old movie like "The Last Picture Show, plant an indoor heirloom tomato garden, have a roller derby in your living room, knit intricate stockings for X-mas AND most importantly drink this lovely ROSE form Charles and Charles , cause ummm that's what I'm doing. xoxo D

photo by Charles and Charles


Red Medicine (Beverly Hills, LA)

I have been hearing so much about Red Medicine lately in LA!  The food is a mix of southeast Asian flavor and molecular gastronomy experimentation.   The pictured Cocktail has Leblon, Rhubarb, Lime, Ginger Ale, Orange Peel and Lavender.  Can't wait to get back to California to have a taste.

Red Medicine  8400 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211