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Behind the bar-The Northern Baptist


It's summer and sour cherries are in season!! I'm sure you have a fridge full of them, am I right??? Well I do, sooo making a drink is the perfect reason to use all those red beauties and get smashed at the same time. 

This recipe is a variation on a Presbyterian (Scotch, Club Soda and Ginger Ale). Some say is was called this because you could drink it at a church picnic and it just looked like iced tea. So sneaky!! Kenny and I used Bourbon, Luxardo marinated cherries and Vernors soda in ours to kick it up a few million notches. That Vernors packs a PUNCH!!

Kenny named ours the Northern Baptist to give a node to the northern Michigan orgins of Vernors Soda and staying in the religious theme Baptist just seemed like a damn good religion to pick.  I couple of these babies and you may just be a believer.


5-10 Luxardo Marachino Cherries with 1/2 oz syrup-Here is the recipe.  It is super easy and everyone will be so impressed and think you are a cherry goddess, but it takes about 2 to 3 days to really marinate.   If you don't have time, buy the Luxardo cherries pre-made or regular maraschino cherries are ok, it will just be sweeter so reduce cherries and syrup used.

2 oz Bourbon- We used Templeton Rye. It's pricey but delicious. This stuff is SO good, drink it straight...if that's your thing. A lesser quality of bourbon is okay, after all this is a mixed drink and you're not going to taste all  the beautiful flavors of the top shelf stuff.

2-4oz Vernors Soda- Okay so this stuff if pretty hard to find, almost impossible here is New York. I found it at the Court Street Market in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. You have to taste this stuff, SO GOOD. If you love ginger ale you will freak out over it.  You peeps from Michigan know what I mean.  If you can't find it, use a good quality ginger ale.

oh and of course ice

 Okay now lets get on with it.....

-Muddle the cherries and syrup in a shaker. add a hand full of ice and the bourbon.

-shake it all up

-pour all into a glass (no need to strain, all those muddled cherry bits are delicious)

-Top with remaining Vernors or gingerale.  

-Garnish with a few cherries on top, cause it looks pretty and no one wants a tasty drink to feel ugly.

Serve and Enjoy!

Photos by Danielle Malmgren


Pachanga Pattersons (Astoria, Queens)

In this sweltering heat (103 degrees in New York) I like to keep to a VERY VERY strict diet of margaritas and tacos. So when I'm feeling like I need to stay on track with my taco intake, I head directly to Pachanga Pattersons in Queens.  The Summer Smoke Margarita (Crema de Mezcal, Lime Juice, Basil, Salt Rim) and Moo Shu Duck Taco (with sriracha hoisin, cucumber and radish) really put some pep back into my step after a long hot day in the big city.

Pachanga Pattersons 33–17 31st Ave.QueensNY 11103 

all photos by Danielle Malmgren


Summer of cocktails

What do all these gorgeous cocktails have in common?  They only use 3 ingredients!!!!  The New York Times is featuring these beauties and many more in their quest to make beautiful summer cocktails with minimal effort!  Which is perfect because in the summer heat we all just want to lay around, be lazy and drink pretty cocktails..am I wrong?

All photos from the New York Times


Vinegar Hill House (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

The Vinegar Hill House, is a gem buried in the secret cobble stone streets of Vinegar Hill near Dumbo, Brooklyn.

It is a place you could spend an entire Sunday afternoon sipping on a french press coffee or a "Swan Song" cocktail (applejack, brandy, orange & grenadine), nibbling on toast with orange marmalade and butter, and enjoying their sunny patio or cozy dining room.

Something about the old country cottage's, mismatched antique silverware, screen doors, folk art pottery and big farm house tables make me crave simple, beautiful, unpretentious food.

Luckily there is nothing short of local, seasonal, perfect brunching to be had here.   Feast upon the Motosierra aka  "The Chainsaw"  (a light sourdough pancake filled with Chorizo and jalapeno topped with a pineapple mango salsa), or the Ful Medames (poached egg, cucumber, olives and lemon), or possibly The Angela's Sourdough Pancakes (with fresh ricotta and pecan bourbon sauce).

Yes it could be all these things that make me want to go back to Vinegar hill, the maple bacon, the yummy cocktails, the roasted octopus on the dinner menu.....or it could be just the adventure of getting there.

Vinegar Hill House 72 Hudson Ave.BrooklynNY 11201  nr. Water St.

All Photos by Danielle Malmgren


The Vino Verano @Elsa (East Village, NY)


 After years of sketching fashion, lately I have been drawn to  illustrating something new and  different.  When I found this amazing concoction, The Vino Verano, while skimming The Time Out NY Summer Cocktail issue, I knew I had to sketch it!  The amazing colors, huge tuft of mint and bright  sliver of lemon speaks to what summer cocktails are about.  The Vino Verano is served at Elsa in the East Village.  It's base is a tart lemonade topped off with a medium bodied, sweet black cherry Spanish red-wine. Simple, refreshing and so beautiful to look at, you can't go wrong.

Elsa  217 E 3rd St., New York, NY 10009
at Ave. B

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren

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