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Pink frosting and Black licorice

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It's almost the month of love....so bust out some gorgeous shades of pink with a touch of black.


Marigold with a Splash of Pink Grapefruit

Yellow forest, Flowers, MacaroonsShoes, Teacups, Ring-THIS IS ON SALE!! Gold burst, glass, Gatsby, Couch

Everything about this color palette seems spot on!  The bright pink adds a feminine newness to the vintage gold. When was the last time you played around with shades of marigold??? I think it's time.

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Colorful stuff


Photos found HERE

I am a huge collector of all kinds of things!!  Pyrex, Cocktail glasses, vintage dresses, model sailboats, whatever it is, I probably want more of it!  Sometimes the collections get so out of control... they kind of look like this (just not as color coordinated).  Ummm maybe it's time to have a yard sale or a stoop sale, as us new yorkers like to call them.


Orange dream

Get dressed in this crazy orange boa thing and devour these orange soda floats!


The new black is black

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Do YOU have enough black in your wardrobe??? AND I'm not just saying this cause I live in New York.  I have been a huge believer in ebony shades every since my childhood in LA, yes I wore all black in 1st grade quite often. It's a color I gravitate to when I want to look edgy, chic or super feminine. Here are my top reasons to choose BLACK.

-if you can't afford a ton of clothes, black goes with most everything and can be season less. It will extend your wardrobe.

-if you are investing in a ridiculously expensive big ticket item (coat, shoes, handbag) black is always a winning choice.

-it's the perfect canvas for tons of tacky accessories, pops of trendy color and over the top makeup.

-it makes you look and feel slimmer, not to mention more important and goal oriented.

-cause you can eat a messy Italian dinner in black and still look chic as hell when your done.

-the little black dress is SEXY and TIMELESS.

-cause a color that has gained the loyalty of women in punk rock and fifth avenue really deserves some respect!! 


Peaches and Cream

It's peach season and after an amazing weekend of picking them in New Jersey, I can't get enough!!! Eat it, wear it, drink it, love it.

Drink, cake image from style sight, necklace, girl, balloons, peaches


Color chips

The picks from the J Crew runway are pure color delight!  Can't get enough

Photos by J Crew