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Clemente's Maryland Crab House (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn)


I am going to prologue this post by say....I am not...I repeat NOT...a fan of any place that is ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!! It usually involves poor quality food,  huge food comas, anxiety attacks and having absolutely no self control when it comes to seconds, thirds and fouths.  

Now with that being said...with all my rules, there are exceptions and Clemente's is a BIG exception. I ask you.....When was the last time you got really messy after eating a meal? I MEAN MESSY. Probably not recently enough I'm guessing. My advice to you is pick a leisurely Sunday and take the train/bus ride to Sheepshead bay. Head to Clementes, pick a table out by the water, pull your hair back, put your plastic bib on and order the all you can eat crabs. When you order, choose carefully between the old bay or garlic crabs...I get half and half cause it's the best.  It will arrive at your table and you will be giddy with delight and you will order seconds and thirds and maybe fourths. You will use a whole roll of paper towels and drink multiple beers. You will leave happy, full and desperately in need of a shower.

Clemente's Maryland Crab House

3939 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn

All photos by Danielle Malmgren