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Go to Prague for...

I saw these gorgeous fruit dumplings (aka OVOCNÉ KNEDLÍKY) from prague on the pages of Eat Your World. The dumplings are a staple sweet dish for the Czech People and are commonly filled with strawberries, apricots and plums or plum jam. I love the way it looks with the sliced strawberry in the center! yum!


Painted Sweets 

These paintings by Joël Penkman look good enough to eat!  I would love to hang these up in my kitchen in a pretty antique frame.


Sugar Color

Cake Macaroons Gummi

When in doubt.... look to food for a jump start on crazy color inspiration.


Dynamo Donuts-San Francisco

During my short stay in San Francisco to visit my sister, she insisted we make a stop at Dynamo Donuts.  Let me just say... these babies are what donut dreams are made of!!  With flavor combos like Chocolate Chip Passion fruit,  Rosemary Cherry and Bacon Maple Apple, it is hard to stop at just one.  I confess, some of these came with me on the plane ride home.

Dynamo Donuts-2760 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110   (415) 920-1978 

Photo found HERE



Laduree (Upper West Side, NY and Paris) 

These French pastries from Laduree are so exquisite. Maybe I'm crazy, but I would love to design a flowing chiffon dress collection based on these tasty gems. I wish I could fly to Paris just to have a bite...BUT maybe I don't have too.  They just opened a new location right here in New York that sells their macaroon, chocolates and candies. Wouldn't that make a beautiful present for a mom, lover or friend?? They even can wrap them up for you in gorgeous boxes. Bon appétit.

Laduree 864 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021  AND 18 rue Royale 75008 Paris 


Minty fresh

images found here and here

Ohhh mint how I love you so.  This color reminds me of a boss I had years ago that despised mint so much that ever time I put it on a mood board or design she would HATE it immediately. Isn't that annoying??? Why do people have to have color prejudices, they should be so ashamed.  

Anyway... this mint blouse is kinda cool, it's that perfect artificially sugary sweet shade. It's that flavor/color we aren't exactly sure where the the hell it came from and are almost afraid to ask, but we kinda like it more just for that reason.



Strawberry ice

While summer is drawing to a close and the first day of september is upon us (with fall not too far behind), we probably should all immediately stop what we are doing this very moment and go out to lunch in the beautiful sunshine.  While you're at it an ice cream like this is a REALLY good idea too.