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Fruute (West Hollywood, Los Angeles)

These beautiful mini tarts from Fruute in LA are the cutest thing, not to mention little works of art.  From what I have heard, they are delicious and marry some amazing flavor combos.  Salt, sour, spicy or sweet these also satisfy my obsession with mini food. LOVE.

Fruute  8951 Santa Monica Blvd Suite A, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Photo from Fruute



Glorious Food

Just beautiful food photos


Dougnuts, ice pops, drink


Wafles and Dinges (NY Food Truck)

It's been an amazing first week here at Lady D and I couldn't help but treat myself to a some sweetness at Waffles and Dinges!  These made to order wafles with all the fixings (pictured here-banana, strawberry, powdered sugar and dulce de lech) are amazing!  Have a great weekend!

Wafles and Dinges


Baked (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

In this crazy heat wave we are having in New York right now (and crazy flash flood thunder/lightning storm) all I can think about is melting away. So these lime meltaway cookies from Baked seem like a perfect pick me up. Crisp, light and refreshing with a burst of citrus. It's like eating a cookie version key lime pie. So tasty!  Put in the freezer for an extra cool cookie.

In addition to their fantastic bakery, the two cookbooks Baked has put out are pretty amazing and chronicle what they do best...making old fashioned baked goods with an updated twist.  Be sure to try the killer brownies and famous root beer cake recipes.

Baked     359 Van Brunt Str., Brooklyn, NY 11231 (nr. Dikeman St.)

Photo by Danielle Malmgren


Northern Spy (East Village, NY)




Stripped Bass with Corn Puree

Gnocchi with Sweet Popato

Peach Pie


(not pictured above)--

Kale Salad (Clothbound Cheddar, Kabocha Squash, Almonds, Lemon Dressing, Pecorin) 

Flat Bread with Potato and Rosemary, Squid 

So yes this little restaurant/market tucked away in the East Village is quite a find.  The food fresh and locally sourced , the dining room low key and cozy, the beer and wine selection featuring both local and imported options, and the prices so resonable you can come back again and again.  Although, when I tell friends about the magic of  Northern Spy all they can ask is "What does that name mean".  Well my dear friends the restaurant is named after New York's state apple...The Northern Spy.  Juicy, crisp and mildly sweet the restaurant pays homage to the apple in there Northern Spy Apple Pie....oh how devine!!!!


Northern Spy Co

511 E. 12th Street

New York, Ny



images from Northern Spy.com


Pop (West Village, NY)

Saturday Afternoon-2:00pm Pistachio Gelato Bar with Pistachio Nut topping and Dark Chocolate Drizzle @ Pop Bar

This is one of those places where I think to myself...Gosh I wish I would have thought of that.

It's really as easy as 1,2,3

Choose from the options of Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet or Gelato on a stick

Next pick at topping... coconut, almonds, pistachio, granola, coffee grains, brownie chunks....

Then decide if you want to go with a dip or drizzle of Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or White Chocolate.

The result is pure delicious genius.

Pop Bar

5 Carmine Street (at 6th ave)

New York, NY 10014

212 255 4874

image from popbar.com


Stumptown Coffee/Ace Hotel-Midtown NY


Upon my arrival to Stumptown this afternoon a sweet little Beet Cupcake  proposed marriage to me and...I said YES...OH YES....A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!!The moist carrot cake-like texture, smooth sweet cream cheese frosting  and  savory hazelnuts were a match made in heaven. So....of course I skipped all the way back to work and search for a  beet cupcake recipes AND as luck would have it, there was the exact one I wanted in NY times magazine. ohhhh sweet success

For your own Beet Cake visit The Breslin or Stumptown NYC at the ACE HOTEL


image from NY times