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Fresh oranges

When it feels like summer just isn't really over and fall hasn't begun, orange could be the perfect color for that inbetween feeling. It's also Pantone's color of the year, but did you really need an excuse to fall in love with orange?


Film, Food & Fashion- 200 Cigarettes

(TOP)Black Dress,   Egg nog, Black Purse, Black Heels, Green Dress, New Years Tiara, Teal Sash, Pink Dress, Pink Heels, Crab Dip (BOTTOM) Red Gloves, Leopard Coat, black clutch, Manhattan, Black Mary Jane, Pancakes, Red Dress

 Every New Years I try to get in one viewing of 200 Cigarettes.  It's a movie  that brings back memories of 1999, the year it came out and the year I graduated high school.  I had no clue what New York City was like and I wanted to visit so BADDD. Now I laugh that I'm really here and it's nothing like I expected.

200 Cigarettes is a series of stories about several New Yorkers that brave through the evening with a variety of different troubles (kinda like "New Years's Eve" which came out this year...but I happen to think this is much better).  The movie is filled with TONS of ugly/gorgeous dresses, awesome 80's hair, lots of egg nog and even MORE crab dip.  Trust me it's worth watching just to see a young Casey Affleck play a cute little punk rocker.  Yep like I said...brings back memories.


On the six day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

1.Robe 2.Thermal 3.Lula Magazine 4.Short bird robe 5.Black Chemise 6. Fine & Fine Chocolate 7.Irish Coffee 8.Pink Chemise 9.Pom Pom Heels

Does anyone really relax around their house like this?  The six geese a layin' do AND  I am going to start! I have worked so hard this month...I think I deserve an Irish Coffee and a new copy of Lula Magazine to curl up with. I don't even want to talk about my "loungewear". Yes those bagged out yoga pants need to go! 



Film, Food and Fashion- The Graduate

Hat, sunglasses, skirt, bra, tray of drinks, blouse, earrings, shoe, purse, coat

It might be the excess of faux leopard, or the constant flow of bourbon, or possibly the timelessly haunting sounds of Simon and Garfunkel.  Whatever it is...The Graduate is one of the greatest movies of all time. If you haven't seen it you really should stop whatever you are doing right now and experience it. Mrs. Robinson, the legendary seductress, has a wardrobe of mostly animal prints and keeps on a steady diet of martinis...no wonder she is cranky when she doesn't get her way. Here's to you Mrs. Robinson.


Working for someone when,


I love heels! Absolutely LOVE them.  When I went to school in LA and worked in Seattle, I used to wear them every single day. I love that they slim you down, make you taller and can dress up almost any outfit.  Since then my life has changed.  Now I live in New York City, which means walking everywhere, running for the subway and crazy uneven sidewalks. Sadly heels are usually out of the question.  Of course sometimes I will throw a pair in my bag (to change into at work) or spare my feet and take a cab to special events, but I opt more and more to forego the heel. It's simply a choice I make and don’t really think about ...until I read this excerpt about working for Nicole Miller in TIME OUT NY, "Find a Better Job" issue.

Yoon-Krupkin VP of sales for Nicole Miller says "Most of the women forego makeup, though there is an unofficial footwear policy: “You will be shot if you wear flats in our office,” she jokes, adding that if Miller starts seeing the offending style too frequently, she’ll ask that a memo be circulated reminding everyone of her preference they wear heels. When asked about her pro-stiletto stance, Miller responded simply, “Well, I’m not a fan of flats.”

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Doesn't she seem like such a joy to work for? (insert sarcastic tone here) What an absolute DOLL!!  I remind you that this was in the “FIND A BETTER JOB” section of TIME OUT NY!!! If this is the solution for a better job in New York, I think I'll keep the one I have...thank you very much. I would also like to state for our non-heel wearing readers, that if you wear heels to an office job for the entire day...your feet will be KILLING YOU! Why is it acceptable to demand this?

Besides my obvious annoyance at this heel stance, I feel the larger problem with this article is making it acceptable for leaders in the fashion industry (particularly women) to be demanding, bitchy, and enforce demeaning rules on their employees.  Is this really how we are classifying “good jobs” these days? We watch shows like "Mad Men" and are shocked by how women used to be treated in the workplace. Isn't it ironic that strong female leaders today subscribe to some of these same sterotypical ideals?  Would it be acceptable for a businessman to demand that his women employees wear heels everyday? How about short skirts? Just kind of makes you think...doesn't it? 

 Finally, to anyone out there working for Nicole Miller, I would suggest that you develop a major foot issue (if you have not already) making you unable to conform to this insane heel policy....just to piss Ms. Miller off. Best of luck.


Spring 2012 L'Wren Scott 

The sky blues and sunshine yellows are looking oh so fresh at L'Wren Scott.  All of the detailed sweaters, sweet cocktail dresses and precious heels, would be the perfect attire for an intimate garden party!


Film, Food & Fashion- Troop Beverly Hills

Tent, Red dress, beret, cookies, hat, compass, smore maker, khaki dress, olive cape

Long ago, this was definitely my go to slumber party movie. My friends and I would eat smores and dream that Shelley Long was our Girl Scout leader. I loved the out of control fashion, glamorous camping and feel good lovey dovey ending.  In short, it's about a bunch of spoiled girls in Beverly Hills that don't know anything about girl scouting (big surprise), but Shelly Long (a rich about to be divorcee) leads them to victory and learns the ropes of the great out doors. I know..I know...this movie is sooooooo cheesy, but I love it! My favorite part as a kid, is their revised uniform fashion show.  Never underestimate the power of gold lame and khaki.