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Spring 2012-Jil Stuart

Color was in full force for spring and Jil Stuart brought some of the best.  Her dreamy collection was a sweet breath of fresh air.  The bold brights were key in balancing the soft cotton candy neutrals.  The charming girly silhouettes seemed effortless with scallop detailed skirts, quilted jackets and organza slips, all of which spoke to her signature sweet-sexy look.

Jil sometimes gets reviews on being a tad too girly, but I thought here her use of bold layered graphics, contrasted with soft florals added a sweet vintage detail that made the collection seem special and timeless.


Spring 2012-Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs show is always a fashion week highlight and the razzle dazzle was in full force at his spring show last night.  The looks channeled Bob Fosse's Sweet Charity showgirl (in swingy sheath dresses), all the way to the Oklahoma cowgirl (in gingham and plastic boots). Every piece seemed luminous, with long sequins, clear synthetic fringes and jaw dropping lace textures.  At face value the girls seemed ready for cocktail hour, but in true Jacobs form, there is always an edge that makes them modern, fresh and  dynamic.


Spring 2012-Anna Sui

Anna Sui is always a favorite of mine. Her sense of color, print and vintage style are spot on for me. This season did not disappoint!! The collection was based on Club Sept, the creative melting pot and place to be for seventies Paris fashion; in particular she focused on illustrator Antonio Lopez's impact on the scene.  

I'm in love with the unique prints, bold colors and feminine silks used to tie it all together.  The forties silhouette was key to the show. Think black tulle kimonos, silk shorts, sailor rompers, butterfly winged sheer silk dresses and sweet heart necklines. In true Anna fashion she adds a little disco fever (frizzy hair, flared trouser, and turbans) to make the show POP. 



Valley of the Dolls- Film, Food & Fashion

Pill JarsDaisy Shirt, Lip stickValley Book/movieGlassesShoesPink Dress, Bag

This is the kinda girly, trashy, guilty pleasure of a movie I can really get behind. I confess I have read the book (okay fine... I've read it twice) and I loved it. It's a pill popping, cat fighting, wig throwing whirl of a good time.

You should watch this soap opera with a glass of champagne or stiff cocktail...maybe some dolls on hand and really take in the drama and disaster of it all. The fashion is all about sixties sexy secretary and the glamour of broadway...some good some bad ...all mind blowing.


Every season I think...

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These Ulyan Sergeenko fall 11/12 photos are captivating...starting to make me excited for fashion week.  This season I'm hoping for some new trends I can really sink my teeth into..you know?!  One thing I want to get my hands on is an extra long skirt like these. It's so impractical, but makes me kinda want it even more.


Minty fresh

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Ohhh mint how I love you so.  This color reminds me of a boss I had years ago that despised mint so much that ever time I put it on a mood board or design she would HATE it immediately. Isn't that annoying??? Why do people have to have color prejudices, they should be so ashamed.  

Anyway... this mint blouse is kinda cool, it's that perfect artificially sugary sweet shade. It's that flavor/color we aren't exactly sure where the the hell it came from and are almost afraid to ask, but we kinda like it more just for that reason.



Making a career in fashion work for YOU.

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I found these beautiful images this morning on Miss Moss and they really struck a chord with me. I am a MAJOR sucker for vintage print/patterns in fashion and ALWAYS have been. Six years ago this month I started my career in the fashion industry. It has been a wild ride, with ups, downs and a few "interesting" people along the way...to say the least!!  I get a lot of emails from girls in fashion or art school asking me how I make a career in this crazy industry we like to call "fashion", work for me. My answer is always find an aspect of the industry that really speaks to YOU.

Lets be real shall we? Most of us that went to art school for fashion design aren't too terribly awesome at paper work or excel or production, cause we are simply more right brain, creative people.   I don't speak for everyone, BUT I confess that I am definitely one of those people.  I was so frustrated for years doing design spread sheets, emails to overseas and color comments.  One day it just hit me and I was like "I HATE this and I really SUCK at it!!!!"  It forced me to take a look at my career and ask the hard questions like "What do I really like about fashion anyway AND what am I good at??"  My answer honestly was print and pattern.  I always admired the print artists I had worked with for years and finally admitted to myself I wanted to be one.  So two years ago I started gearing my portfolio to speak to that.  It's been a lot of work, but I am happy to say that I am much happier now with my current job. Of course there will always be things that aren't perfect and I would love to do more fashion illustrations, but I made the leap into more of what I wanted to do in the industry and that is the first step. 

So to all those awesome girls out there in fashion who hate their boss, cry in the bathroom at work and keep dreaming of something better, start asking yourself RIGHT NOW what you really like to do and don't be afraid to really go after that. The answer could be tons of things..trend forecasting, illustration, styling, or EVEN doing that same paper work or production stuff for a company that has product you support and feel connected too! Start working on your passions after work, talk about it with your friends, or take up old hobbies you used to love. It may even mean you need to go to night school for a bit or weekend classes, but wouldn't that be all worth it... to make yourself feel BETTER?

Okay I will get off my soap box now.  Have a killer weekend and work on doing things you love!!!


Lady D