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Color chips

The picks from the J Crew runway are pure color delight!  Can't get enough

Photos by J Crew


Blog Babe-Keiko Lynn


I am currently obsessed with Keiko Lynn's fashion blog right now. This brooklyn blog babe is nailing it with her modern vintage style.  I had to draw this drop dead gorgeous picture of her.  Isn't that hat the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire life?!!! Adorable.  Her blog not only features shots of her in beautiful vintage, but also current fashion that is not over the top expensive.  After looking at her blog for about a million hours. I was so inspired to go on a vintage treasure hunt! 

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren


Dear Creatures

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Dear Creatures. I'm in love with this LA based design duo's effortless, feminine,vintage aesthetic. Their americana tennis dress, plaid caplet sleeve dress and feather print rompers are prefect for the long summer ahead.


Lady Bird

Here is another mood board and sketch I did for Arrow and the Apple. This trends speaks to Lady like silhouettes and colors with a unexpected twist. Oversized details, fun quirky colors, and whisical sensibility are all key to this look.


Cheap Thrills



All of these T-straps and Mary-Janes are not only cute and comfortable but SUPER affordable.  I love buying cheap shoes, because you can buy more of them and i want all of these!

BUT a word of caution, if your a nyc gal like me, you will wear the HELL out of these shoes and the heel will probably fall off in the middle of 7th avenue and you will have to  take them to your shoe guy and he will say "Lady, why do you wanna fix these cheap shoes?" and then he will charge you $15 and you will gladly pay it...cause you love them THAT MUCHHHHH... just saying.

No1  No2   No3  No4  No5


In the swim


I work in the fashion industry designing swim, so it seemes fitting that on the first hot days of the season I should post some inspirational water scenes!

I usually am okay with my job, but today two of my best friends left the company. It was a long hard day to say the least.  After sad goodbyes I needed to remind myself that designing swim is still amazing , fun and honestly one of the best jobs I have had. 

Get your bikinis ready girls ....here is to an amazing summer!!! 

 (From top to bottom)   girl circle Jill Greenberg :: The Manipulator  , Bathing Beauties from Blugirl. swimming cap and group of girls Photographed by Gabor Jurina and styled by Zeina Esmail, and last two girls are Blugirl



Carried Away

I am always drawn to colorful purses and this season I am dying for all of these!  What a great way to bring a pop of  unexpected color into a wardrobe.  The marc jacobs bag with the built in umbrella storage is a favorite!
Milly Bags        Marc Bags          Miu Miu Bags