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Fresh oranges

When it feels like summer just isn't really over and fall hasn't begun, orange could be the perfect color for that inbetween feeling. It's also Pantone's color of the year, but did you really need an excuse to fall in love with orange?


Food, Fashion and unforgettable spaces

All Photos taken by Giant Squid Press  Winter Brunch Outfit (Coat Vintage, Dress DVF,Anthropologie Collar)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to the TasteArchitecture's Winter Champagne Brunch at Temple Court in Manhattan's City Hall neighborhood!  Mandeep Bedi, Founder & Creative Director of TasteArchitecture, has made it her mission to find gorgeous spaces (before they are torn down or refurbished) and use them as back drops for unforgettable meals and parties. Mandeep had her eyes set on Temple Court months ago and knew as soon as she entered the building that it would be a perfect setting for a Winter Champagne Brunch.

My only instructions that day were to dress in warm and chic attire (as it turned out my camel coat and fur collar were perfect for the chilly dining room). As I entered the building the elaborate glass ceilings, sculpted archways and delicate metal work were such a feast for the eyes  I almost  forget the decadant brunch that awaited me.  Warm winter squash crepes, artichoked benedict with truffled porcini sauce and croque madames were just a few of the beautiful dishes that were prepared. Temple Court is destined to become an Andre Balazs (owner of the Standard) Hotel,  but all the guests of that afternoon's brunch will never forget it's original glory. Thanks Mandeep!


Film, Food & Fashion- Troop Beverly Hills

Tent, Red dress, beret, cookies, hat, compass, smore maker, khaki dress, olive cape

Long ago, this was definitely my go to slumber party movie. My friends and I would eat smores and dream that Shelley Long was our Girl Scout leader. I loved the out of control fashion, glamorous camping and feel good lovey dovey ending.  In short, it's about a bunch of spoiled girls in Beverly Hills that don't know anything about girl scouting (big surprise), but Shelly Long (a rich about to be divorcee) leads them to victory and learns the ropes of the great out doors. I know..I know...this movie is sooooooo cheesy, but I love it! My favorite part as a kid, is their revised uniform fashion show.  Never underestimate the power of gold lame and khaki. 


Valley of the Dolls- Film, Food & Fashion

Pill JarsDaisy Shirt, Lip stickValley Book/movieGlassesShoesPink Dress, Bag

This is the kinda girly, trashy, guilty pleasure of a movie I can really get behind. I confess I have read the book (okay fine... I've read it twice) and I loved it. It's a pill popping, cat fighting, wig throwing whirl of a good time.

You should watch this soap opera with a glass of champagne or stiff cocktail...maybe some dolls on hand and really take in the drama and disaster of it all. The fashion is all about sixties sexy secretary and the glamour of broadway...some good some bad ...all mind blowing.