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Grilled Cheese Goodness

Photos by Danielle Malmgren

 Since I moved to Queens I can't stop eating!! There is so much amazing food here it's kinda unreal. I can't wait to share with you guys all my favorite spots, but first I want to talk about grilled cheese.  I am a little obsessed with the cheesey sandwich goodness of at The Queens Kickshaw. This week I had The Gruyere (pickled and carmelized onions on rye and wholegrain mustard) with Napa Cabbage-Caraway Slaw on the side. It kinda tastes like a Reuben and a grilled cheese combo. So yummy! Some other amazing options on their menu are The Manchego & Ricotta (minted eggplant and capers on multigrain) and The Gouda (black bean hummus, guava jam and pickled jalapenos on brioche).  What a delicious welcome into the neighborhood.


Sandwich ALERT!

Okay gang...I have three sandwiches in three different boroughs that you need to try NOW!

The grilled peach at Num Pang in mid-town east is KILLER and it's seasonal so you don't want to miss out. The tangy sweetness of the peaches mixed with the jalapeno, really make me wanna singing Hallelujah to the mid-town sandwich gods! 

The breakfast sandwich at Court Street Grocers is what your breakfast sandwich dreams are made of. The beautiful ciabetta loaf and the hint of peppery arugula really does the trick.  I would recommend this sammy to nurse a mean hang over.

The gouda grilled cheese at The Queens Kickshaw is one of the BEST grilled cheese in NYC right now. The ingredients are unique and put grilled cheese on a level you never thought capable. I mean black bean hummus, guava jam, gouda, and pickled jalapeno...ARE YOU KIDDING! Delish.

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