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Jet Setting-LONDON with Hennie Haworth

When I can across Hennie Haworth's whimsical drawings of food, people and quirky objects, I couldn't help but beg her to be apart of my "Jet Setting" series. So we are off to discover what Hennie's life is like as an artist in LONDON!

Where do you find inspiration? Patterns and details are the things that inspire me. They tend to be the thing I look for when I'm starting something, and the rest of the drawing sort of forms around them.

How did you get started illustrating? Do you always want to do this? I studied illustration at Brighton University, but I didn't think about it being a career, it was just what I enjoyed doing. I had no idea you could do it for a living, but while I was on the course I met lots of people who did. When I finished at Brighton I approached some non-profit magazines for commissions and gradually I got a portfolio together.

What is your work process like? I like to use a big mixture of materials. My personal favorites are chalk, and pencils with correction fluid and felt-tip pens. I often use coloured paper and stickers to build up blocks of color. People always commented on the inks and watercolours as something they liked in my work, but I'd never used them.  Now I've started to though and I'm really enjoying it.  I rarely use illustrator, but I do use Photoshop a lot to put the elements of a drawing together, as well as clean them up a bit, or fill in a few colors.

Any recommendations to all the artists/illustrators that are trying to quit their full time jobs and make a living at their passion?  Be prepared for it not to happen straight away and don't get put off by rejection. Unless you're really lucky, it can take ages before your work lands on the right person's desk at the right time. Doing unpaid commissions for free magazines is a great way to build up work for your portfolio, and gives you experience of dealing with the professional stuff. Always keep in contact with people and send out updates. Twitter's good for this, but also take the time to do the more personal emails and portfolio meetings too.

 Map by Danielle Malmgren 

 What are your favorite places to EAT in London? I really like the Tokyo Diner near Leicester Square. I spent several months in Japan and I miss the food. This place is the closest I've found to being back there. For a while I was living next door to the British Museum and there's a bookstore called the London Review which has a lovely cafe.

Do you have a favorite fancy restaurant and/or a low end dive spot? For a fancy meal I really like the Dean Street Townhouse. It's very atmospheric and romantic. They do traditional British food really well, and there's lots of art up around the walls. For something more affordable, on Kingsland Road in Dalston, there's a Chinese restaurant, Shanghai, in what used to be an old pie and mash shop selling jellied eels about one hundred years ago. They've kept a lot of the old features, like the lovely tiles and funny little brass eels.

Do you have a great place for cocktails?  I've just heard about a cocktail bar called, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town which I'm looking forward to going to. It's in Shoreditch, and you have to climb through an old fridge to get there!

Where do you SHOP in London? There are lots of vintage shops, mostly along Brick Lane. A big one where you can always find something to wear is called Beyond Retro. It's not really a flea market, but I love the Columbia Road flower market Sundays. Then nearby there are the markets on Brick Lane. At both there's lots of great food and finds.

What do you love best about London? I love the diversity of food and cultures and parks and history and all sorts! There's lovely beautiful architecture, alongside big, shiny new buildings, I love crossing over the Thames on the bridge at Embankment and seeing the skyline. I also love going to city farms, seeing a bit of the countryside tucked away in amongst everything else. The one in Hackney is probably my favorite. You can find pretty much everything you might want somewhere, but if you just want peace and quiet you can sit in your choice of park or cafe and draw.