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On the Third Day of Christmas...

1.Sunglasses 2.Parisian Chic Book 3.Louboutin heels 4.Tea 5.Shirt 6.Croissant 7.Champagne and a French 75 8.Macarons 9.Egg Cup

I know..I know...It isn't the weekend, but this whole French hen thing really got me thinking about brunch.  If you can't go to Paris for the holiday, why not have the city of lights come to you with a spectacular brunch of French 75s, croissants and piles of Macarons? Délicieux!


Tea Time


After years of drinking coffee, recently it hasn't been working so hot for me.  To be honest, it kinda makes me CRAZY (like running around the house with a mild panic attack...not knowing what to do first and attempting to do everything kind of crazy). To switch it up, I have been drinking Mariage Frères tea from Paris.  This tea is OUT OF CONTROL!!!  First of all the smell is amazing, second the taste is so rich and complex, third the caffeine is fairly mild so I'm energized without going insane.  I never dreamed tea could be this good.  I splurged on a box of the Marco Polo at Dean and Deluca and I am officially hooked. Try making iced tea out of it in the warmer months...so delicious!!  

Also if you live in NYC and want to just get a taste (without committing to a whole box), head over to Macaron Cafe in mid town and grab a cup.


Sugar Color

Cake Macaroons Gummi

When in doubt.... look to food for a jump start on crazy color inspiration.


Laduree (Upper West Side, NY and Paris) 

These French pastries from Laduree are so exquisite. Maybe I'm crazy, but I would love to design a flowing chiffon dress collection based on these tasty gems. I wish I could fly to Paris just to have a bite...BUT maybe I don't have too.  They just opened a new location right here in New York that sells their macaroon, chocolates and candies. Wouldn't that make a beautiful present for a mom, lover or friend?? They even can wrap them up for you in gorgeous boxes. Bon appétit.

Laduree 864 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021  AND 18 rue Royale 75008 Paris