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Film, Food & Fashion- 200 Cigarettes

(TOP)Black Dress,   Egg nog, Black Purse, Black Heels, Green Dress, New Years Tiara, Teal Sash, Pink Dress, Pink Heels, Crab Dip (BOTTOM) Red Gloves, Leopard Coat, black clutch, Manhattan, Black Mary Jane, Pancakes, Red Dress

 Every New Years I try to get in one viewing of 200 Cigarettes.  It's a movie  that brings back memories of 1999, the year it came out and the year I graduated high school.  I had no clue what New York City was like and I wanted to visit so BADDD. Now I laugh that I'm really here and it's nothing like I expected.

200 Cigarettes is a series of stories about several New Yorkers that brave through the evening with a variety of different troubles (kinda like "New Years's Eve" which came out this year...but I happen to think this is much better).  The movie is filled with TONS of ugly/gorgeous dresses, awesome 80's hair, lots of egg nog and even MORE crab dip.  Trust me it's worth watching just to see a young Casey Affleck play a cute little punk rocker.  Yep like I said...brings back memories.


Film, Food & Fashion-The Royal Tenenbaums

Faux Fur CoatPolo DressSkinny Tie1960's Mens BlazerDoorman HatBlack EyelinerPink GlovesHermes BagPenny Loafers

 The costumes and set designs of The Royal Tenenbaums are like a quirky modern fairytale. I love Margo Tenenbaum's unexpectedly chic wardrobe of all polo-shirt dresses, Berkin bags and penny loafers. Sometimes I wish I had a signature outfit, don't you?  If I watch this film with a sugar craving, forget about it!  I start itching to go out for a butterscotch sundae, when I see Margo meet her estranged doorman father at the whimsically gold gilded ice cream parlor.  Everything about this movie is a visual masterpiece.


Film, Food & Fashion- Troop Beverly Hills

Tent, Red dress, beret, cookies, hat, compass, smore maker, khaki dress, olive cape

Long ago, this was definitely my go to slumber party movie. My friends and I would eat smores and dream that Shelley Long was our Girl Scout leader. I loved the out of control fashion, glamorous camping and feel good lovey dovey ending.  In short, it's about a bunch of spoiled girls in Beverly Hills that don't know anything about girl scouting (big surprise), but Shelly Long (a rich about to be divorcee) leads them to victory and learns the ropes of the great out doors. I know..I know...this movie is sooooooo cheesy, but I love it! My favorite part as a kid, is their revised uniform fashion show.  Never underestimate the power of gold lame and khaki.