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Because any month with the Letter "R" is...

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I LOVE oysters and usually have them all year round.  Although, I have been told  that the best times to eat oyster are in the months with a letter "R". So I did a little research and found out more...

This belief was started in the 1900's when there was no refrigeration, so oysters had to be eaten when they were freshest. Also this may have come about because the warm months are when oysters mate. The oysters are not as plump and become soft, unlike in the colder months when their meat is firmer and has more flavor.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and grab a couple dozen! I especially enjoy them with a dirty martini or bloody Mary!

Here is a list of some of my favorite spots for the oyster enthusiast.


Olive of Approval


My good friend Annie (an honorary member of the Bloody Mary Brigade) always says, "If you have a great Bloody Mary you really don't need breakfast!!" Truer words have never been spoken. An exceptional bloody should have a stand out garnish (celery, capers, pickles, shrimp, or assorted cured meats), perfect spice and overall unique complex flavor. A good one can make all your brunch dreams come true. Here are The Lady D Bloody Mary Brigade's top five picks for New York.

Prune -We love the selection here. TEN different amazing Mary's to try and each comes with a shot of Red Stripe to balance the flavor and mellow out the acidity. The "Chicago Matchbox" is a favorite, made with homemade lemon vodka and garnished with pickled brussel sprouts, baby white turnips, caper berries, green beans and radishes (see what we mean about not needing breakfast...this baby is a MEAL in a glass).  Other options include the "Greenlake" (a wasabi Mary with beef jerky garnish), "Danish" (made with aquavit, fennel and garnished with a white anchovy) and "The Southwest" (a tequila Mary made with chipotle pepper and lime).

Char no. 4- This is our ultimate go to spot for a uniquely smoky bloody. Their bloody is made with chipotle bourbon and garnished with an amazing house made pickle (I would get a side of those pickles, if I were you). This is a true kick in the pants and nice alternative, if vodka isn't your thing. This also is an outstanding compliment to all their smoky southern brunch fare.

Buttermilk Chanel- This wins for best bloody vodka and garnish pairings. They offer four real winners. My two favorites are "The Court Street", with rosemary vodka paired with an antipasti (cured meats and cheeses) on a stick and "The Star of the Sea” a celery-peppercorn vodka Mary with an oyster garnish.

Enid’s- You have to love the old reliable and this is it!! The perfect recipe of the original bloody, garnished with a HUGE caper berry... you can just tell a lot of love went into the recipe of this gem.  It's the, "DAMN THAT'S GOOD" every time kinda bloody. Also, please get a side of collard greens to go with this, you won't be sorry.

Clover Club-We love the Bloody Mary here cause the unexpected flavor is out of this world. The Bar Man's Bloody Mary is made with bourbon, fernet and loads or basil. Just the aromatic quality of the drink is worth coming to Cobble Hill for. I crave this drink every single weekend.... I’m not kidding...I kinda want it right NOW.

Do you have a Bloody Mary favorite? Are you mad we left something out? Let me know and I will get the brigade on it!!


Laduree (Upper West Side, NY and Paris) 

These French pastries from Laduree are so exquisite. Maybe I'm crazy, but I would love to design a flowing chiffon dress collection based on these tasty gems. I wish I could fly to Paris just to have a bite...BUT maybe I don't have too.  They just opened a new location right here in New York that sells their macaroon, chocolates and candies. Wouldn't that make a beautiful present for a mom, lover or friend?? They even can wrap them up for you in gorgeous boxes. Bon appétit.

Laduree 864 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021  AND 18 rue Royale 75008 Paris 


Farewell to a summer of cocktails

photos found at Grub Street by Danny Kim

It was a great summer of drinking.  I am ready to take a long hard break from the boozing....although looking at these colorful cocktails makes me sad to see them go.  Here are a few of my summer cocktail past times.

-Frozen, fruity, boozy (make you want to die the next morning) drinks served up in a pineapple at Painkiller NYC

-Shucking oysters, sipping absinthe and pretending your in New Orleans at Maison Premiere.

-Going for cheap, damn good mezcal margaritas at Lapalapa  or  amazing, fancy smancy mezcal drinks atMayahul.

-One last sad drink at Mars Bar.

-Healthy drinking and raw eating on the Pure Food and Wine patio

-Frozen spicy mango tequila snow cones up town at Casacabel Taqueria

-All about the Michelada all summer long at Calexico


Drink rose.

The hurricane is coming. Hope everyone is safe and taking this time to... spend with lovers and family members , make an awesome meal, play crazy eights, bake a ginger peach pie, watch an old movie like "The Last Picture Show, plant an indoor heirloom tomato garden, have a roller derby in your living room, knit intricate stockings for X-mas AND most importantly drink this lovely ROSE form Charles and Charles , cause ummm that's what I'm doing. xoxo D

photo by Charles and Charles


Roberta's (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Here in New York we all take our neighborhood pizza very seriously, maybe a tad too seriously by SOME peoples standards. The point is we don't care about those people AND we don't fool around with mediocre ingredients and quality, that's why Roberta's really stands out on the pizzeria list of heavy weights.  This hipster hangout serves up top notch pizza and out of this world veggie sides (straight from their rooftop garden).  I grabbed a seat at one of the many picnic tables and indulged on the Fairytale Eggplant (with mascarpone, wood sorrel and arugula), and the Axl Rosenberg Pixxa (tomato, mozzarella, sopressata, mushrooms, double garlic and jalapenos). There are many great pizzas in New York but when you combine imaginative menu options and fresher the fresh ingredients the result is pure perfection. 

Roberta's 61 Moore St.BrooklynNY 11206 nr. Bogart St.

all photos from http://robertaspizza.com/


Coffee crash



It might be the summer heat, but I'm really needing a lot of coffee lately.  The drawing above is one of the picture perfect cups from Joe the Art of Coffee in New York.  If you haven't been, go to the Joe Coffee on Waverly Place in the West Village and sit in the tiny front garden. It will force you to slow down and savory this coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren