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It's January, thinking about...

1.Snow Boots, 2.Coffee and French Press, 3.Scarf, 4.Mittens, 5.Puffer Coat, 6.sweet lace top 7.Fur Hat, 8. Marshmallows, 9. Hat

Illustrations by Danielle Malmgren

This post goes out to all my friends in Seattle that are braving the crazy snow storm!! To survive the city snow days it is essential to stay super warm and cozy, that's why all the ladies here in New York joke that even the most fashionable of us have a puffer coat! Why not have a gold one like this stunning Marc Jacobs number?  Oh and snow boots??? Don't even get me started...when it get dangerously icy you need them or you will land on your tush in no time.  I always look to my trusty Sorrel Joan of the Artics. The cute fur trim on the top makes them special.  Then when the snow ball fights and sledding are done you are going to need a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate to keep you going..I suggest adding a giant marshmallow for good measure!  HAPPY SNOW DAY SEATTLEITIES!


On the second day of christmas everything is as...

1.Hat 2.bag 3.Diamond  4.Sunglasses 5.sweater 6.dress 7.skirt 8.vodka and White Russian 9.necklace

If ever there was a day to look glorious in white, the second day of Christmas would be it! Don't wait till there is snow on the ground...look as white as a turtle dove with all of these picks!  I may have to treat myself to the tasty looking white russian later. YUM.