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Jet Setting-STOCKHOLM with EmmaKisstina

Welcome to a new column here at Lady D!!! JET SETTING is where I search the world looking for amazing talent and ask them...how they WORK, LIVE and EAT!  First stop... STOCKHOLM  where we talk to the lovely Kristina of EmmaKisstina. You can find her fun and feminine illustrations on the pages of Matchbook magazine and if those don't make you an instant fan, her jaw dropping scarves on etsy will!   She also is from Stockholm, Sweden (my homeland), which kind of makes her my dream pen pal!!! Thanks Kristina!

Where do u get your inspiration? From anything and everything. It's almost difficult not to be inspired with all that the internet has to offer. I read an insane amount of blogs and find blog reading to be a really important part of my day and design process. I am also super addicted to Pinterest.

How get started Illustrating? After college I realized oil painting (which I studied) wasn't going to take me anywhere and I didn't really enjoy it. But drawing I really enjoy, so illustration seemed a perfect fit. I really love drawing in pencil and and ink. It's simple, and really beautiful.                                 

How did you develop your personal style? It just came naturally. It's something I can't change. If I try new colors, it just doesn't work. Working in ink, I'm at my most comfortable, so I suppose it shows.

What is a typical day like for u?  Do you work in a studio or at home? I work from me and my boyfriend's little one bedroom apartment in a cozy suburb just outside of Stockholm. I love working from home! I can bake bread and answer emails at the same time, or draw pretty pictures with my favorite tv shows to keep me company. I love the freedom to take a day off when I want to or need to.

What is your working process like? I 
start by choosing a picture or a few I'm inspired by. I've got tons of pictures and ideas waiting to be drawn. I first meticulously sketch out the image in pencil, then perfect in ink and scan into the computer. My  illustrations are all just finished in photoshop without editing the lines to keep their hand drawn quality. I use illustrator to perfect my scarf designs and other works, for example logos, which I want to have a more professional look. 

 Any recommendations for someone who wants to get started in selling there own illustrations or going into business on there own?   I wouldn't have been able to work as a fulltime illustrator if it wasn't for Etsy. Before I opened EmmaKisstina I had another very unsuccessful shop. I learned a lot from that experience. I recommend building up a large portfolio or works with the same color and style sensibility before opening an Etsy shop. A concise design profile and great photos are also very important. Networking is of course really important too. Find your niche and make friends with lots of social bloggers and press people.
What art your favorite places to eat and shop in Stockholm?  Stockholm has amazing indoor food markets. I'm a major foodie so I could spend hours in these places. Hötorgshallen sells deliciousness from all corners of the world, and Söderhallerna where they sell more traditional meats, amazing fish and baked goods are my favorites... Östermalms Saluhall is amazing too but the prices are way out of my artist's budget. The south side of Stockholm  has the quirkiest shopping of the city, this is where you'll find me. I'm nearly never on the northern side or in the city center... I don't even know my way around there. haha!
What's your favorite dessert or sweet treat? I must say I am way into the French Macaron and Cupcake trend. I want my desserts to be too pretty to eat, almost. A plain milk chocolate bar from Swedish brand Marabou is hard to beat too.

What do you love best about living in Sweden? I 
love Sweden! I love that I don't have to drive, I can take the metro quickly everywhere, sometimes even a boat, or I can just walk, that's really nice. I love that design and art is really recognized as being important in Sweden, makes my job easier and happier. What I love about Stockholm is that it's just the right size, not too big or overwhelming and it's a really elegant city. I feel so sophisticated just walking the streets doing my regular errands.