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Breakfast in Stockholm


I never really used to be a huge cinnamon bun fan.  Maybe it's all those years of smelling Cinnabon in a mall setting or the tube of Pillsbury buns that just kind of turned me off.  I really don't crave them, but last October everything changed.

During a trip to Sweden, my boyfriend and I stayed at a lovely girls apartment in Malmo (which we amazingly found on Air BnB).  She was kind enough to let us use her internet and told us the password was “kanelbulle” (Swedish for Cinnamon Bun) and sweetly mapped out for us every single bakery in a 5mile radius.  Ummmm strange I thought…why is this girl obsessed cinnamon buns.  I soon would find out the Swedes are good at many things design, fashion, smoked fish and most importantly cinnamon buns.

One of the best cafes to get one of these beauties is the Café Saturnus in Stockholm (Ostermalm neighborhood). This chic bakery shop serves some of the biggest and (more importantly) finest buns in Sweden. The flaky buttery pastry, perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon and a crunchy raw sugar topping really makes it leagues above the rest. Cafe Saturnus is simply just a perfect spot to feast on a beautiful baguette sandwich, sip a velvety cafe latte and close the deal with the amazing cinnamon bun sweet treat.

Cafe Saturnus  Eriksbergsgatan 6, Stockholm Sweden