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Escape to a....

1.sweater, 2.Bag, 3.Mulling spices, 4.Camera, 5.Mulled Wine, 6.Noble maple syrup, 7.skies, 8.Socks, 9.Boots 10.Coat

Kenny and I are planning a little Vermont getaway in the near future, so I thought all these goodies would be appropriate for a cozy cabin retreat!  Believe it or not folk I have NEVER skied...nope...never.  The idea of it is kinda terifying to me since my balance isn't too great (too many long appendages).  Those vintage wooden skies above once belonged to Marilyn Monroe....sooo I guess if she can do it so can I. Honestly I really just want to hang out at the lodge and drink mulled wine. Is that so wrong?


Drink rose.

The hurricane is coming. Hope everyone is safe and taking this time to... spend with lovers and family members , make an awesome meal, play crazy eights, bake a ginger peach pie, watch an old movie like "The Last Picture Show, plant an indoor heirloom tomato garden, have a roller derby in your living room, knit intricate stockings for X-mas AND most importantly drink this lovely ROSE form Charles and Charles , cause ummm that's what I'm doing. xoxo D

photo by Charles and Charles


The Vino Verano @Elsa (East Village, NY)


 After years of sketching fashion, lately I have been drawn to  illustrating something new and  different.  When I found this amazing concoction, The Vino Verano, while skimming The Time Out NY Summer Cocktail issue, I knew I had to sketch it!  The amazing colors, huge tuft of mint and bright  sliver of lemon speaks to what summer cocktails are about.  The Vino Verano is served at Elsa in the East Village.  It's base is a tart lemonade topped off with a medium bodied, sweet black cherry Spanish red-wine. Simple, refreshing and so beautiful to look at, you can't go wrong.

Elsa  217 E 3rd St., New York, NY 10009
at Ave. B

Illustration by Danielle Malmgren